With prices of goods rising each and every year, more and more Filipinos are searching for ways to make more money. The good news is, the Philippine economy is also improving and this improvement is creating more opportunities for the people.

One of the popular ways that Pinoys are exploring right now is the use of a motorcycle. In this blog post, we’ve come up with a list of ideas on how you can earn money using a motorcycle. Here is what you need to know:

1. Motorcycle Rental

A motorcycle rental business is fairly simple. The owner of the motorcycle can make money when someone rents the vehicle over an agreed period of time. There are 3 different ways to do this business

  • Use the vehicle as tricycle – This is the old way to make money using a motorcycle. This works by attaching a sidecar to your vehicle and using the motorcycle to transport passengers. You earn by collecting a rental fee from the driver or you can drive it yourself during your free time.
  • Regular Motorcycle Rental – In the province, there are motorcycle rental companies that charge 150 Pesos per day as rental fees for the motorcycle. Gas is not included yet. If you are in Metro Manila, you can also do the same and charge at a higher price.
  • Rent it to motorcycle taxi drivers – This is the newest way to make money using your motorcycle. There are companies these days which help you find your passengers using a mobile app. You earn by fetching and transporting your passengers to their desired destination. Among the popular companies that offer this kind of service are Angkas, JoyRide, GrabBike and Move It.

2. Door to Door Delivery

Another popular way to make money using a motorcycle is by providing door-to-door delivery service. A few years ago, finding clients for this kind of business is close to impossible. Nowadays, there are mobile apps like Lalamove, Angkas Padala, GrabExpress which makes it easier for you to find your own clients. You need to sign up first as a driver before you can use the app. Each mobile app has a different process and we will discuss it on a separate blog post.

Lalamove Partner Driver Riding a Motorcycle (source: Lalamove)
Lalamove Partner Driver Riding a Motorcycle (source: Lalamove)

3. Food Delivery

Just like door-to-door package delivery, food delivery is becoming popular these days. People nowadays prefer to order food using a mobile phone and eat at the comfort of their home. Like door-to-door delivery, you can register as a service provider and make money each time you completed a transaction. You can choose from a variety of food delivery companies like Lalafood, FoodPanda, Zomato, Mangan.ph, and Grab Food.

A Lady Driving as FoodPanda Partner (source: windowonphuket.com)
A Lady Driving as FoodPanda Partner (source: windowonphuket.com)

4. Motorcycle Taxi

If you are familiar with GrabCar, Motorcycle Taxis like Angkas, JoyRide and Move it is basically the same except that it uses motorcycles instead of cars to transport passengers. The fare that the passengers pay depends on the distance between their pick-up point and their drop-off point.

Learn about: Joyride Application Process and Move It Application Process.

5. Offer Driving Lessons

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most tragic yet relevant news that we see and hear on the news almost every day. This calls for a need for driving lessons offered by professional trainers. You can apply to a company where they offer courses in motorcycle driving. Yamaha Motor Philippines has a Riding Academy that teaches safe motorcycle driving. They teach you different field exercises like how to pull the brake and the likes. They also teach you important lessons that most drivers often fail to follow. In order for you to make money, you can apply as a trainer.

Another way to do this is to offer driving lessons as a freelancer. You can start offering your service to your friends and ask for referrals to grow this business.

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6. Host a Bike Tour

Motorcycle tours can be very exciting and thrilling. A bike tour allows you to travel to different destinations and get paid by guiding other bikers on their journey. You get paid for every biker that will join your tour. This is not a popular business opportunity yet here in the country but in the future, we know it will. You can explore this kind of business and tell us about your experience.