How To Be a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor

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Searching for a career that will cater to your everyday needs while serving others is difficult. There are not enough options that are rewarding internally and externally but one emerging job satisfies both: being a financial advisor. Interested in entering this career path? Here’s a detailed guide on how to be a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor.


PRU LIFE UK’s mandate is to be of service in the whole of Asia through its life insurance products. The company has a strong presence in the Philippines due to it being tagged as an insurance provider that offers the most affordable premiums in the market. This led to them being the 2nd insurance company on NBAPE’s list this 2022. 

Aside from its winning ways with customers, PRU LIFE UK also puts a premium on its employees, particularly financial advisors. The company’s performance has been moved forward by the dedication and strength of its people.

What does a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor do? 

A PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor mirrors a critical role in the financial journey of a person. Listed below are its main job descriptions:

  1. Guides in setting up the financial goals of the client through needs-based analysis and one-on-one interviews.
  2. Works with clients in drafting their comprehensive protection package and overall investment strategy anchored on the person’s background, target in life, and current budget.
  3. Covers investment advisory, estate planning services, and other offerings that will help take care of the future generations of the client.
  4. Undergoes policy updates and reviews as critical after-sales services. 
  5. Assist in monetary compensation once the client becomes disabled, gets sick, or dies. 
  6. Continuously prospect new clients, come up with new leads, and onboard partners.

What are the requirements for becoming a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor?

Step 1: Attend the Build Your Business (BYB) seminar – Entering the life of a financial advisor is a process. With the help of Build Your Business, PRU LIFE UK will orient you on the intricacies of the job and how you can grow this from corporate work to a business. 

Step 2: Complete the Online and Classroom Training – PRU LIFE UK puts importance on readiness and its training series is its tool to achieve this. There are two legs where your attendance is a must – the online training (which can be taken in the comforts of your home) and the classroom training (which is held in PRU LIFE UK’s headquarters depending on your available schedule). 

Step 3: Take and Pass the Insurance Commission Examination – Keep in mind that every financial advisor has undergone the Insurance Commission Examination. This is made up of two parts – the traditional life insurance and the variable life insurance. Don’t be intimated by this as these topics will be covered in your training (Step 2). 

Step 4: Fulfill All Documentary Requirements – After passing the exam, you’ll have to pass a few papers. Rest assured that the company will guide you as PRU LIFE UK has in-house secretaries that will drive the submission process. 

Benefits of Becoming a PRU LIFE Financial Advisor

  1. Flexible in Time and Place

    Flexibility is one of the most rewarding benefits of having a job. Being a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor will allow you to work at your most convenient time in your most convenient place. 

  2. Endless Income Opportunities

    There’s no ceiling on how much you can earn in this position. The more people you lock deals with, the higher your commission would be. PRU LIFE UK is one of the most generous partners out there in terms of commission rates. 

    They also have travel perks, both covering local and international when their agents perform and achieve their stretch targets. There are also monthly promos, such as raffle draws, where eligibility will depend on your monthly sales. 

  3. Service to the People

    Becoming a PRU LIFE UK advisor is a fulfilling job. As individuals who need to pay the rent, this job will definitely help you in that aspect. However, outside this personal aspect, there will always be satisfaction in providing value to your client’s life through your sound financial advice.

PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a college degree to become a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor?

Yes, the basic qualification of being a PRU LIFE UK Financial Advisor is that you be a college graduate. Another requirement is that you must be of legal age at the start of the process. 

Do we need to shell out money?

The Insurance Commission Examination requires you to pay an examination fee of Php 1,010. The other items though, such as the BYB and the training, won’t require you to shell out money. 

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