Angkas is a motorcycle ride-hailing app in the Philippines. It aims to improve Filipinos’ lives with their transportation and delivery services. The goal is not just to provide convenience but also to help people make money and create jobs.
Currently, their operations are limited to NCR, parts of the Greater Manila Area, Metro Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. If you reside in these areas and are interested in becoming an Angkas rider, this blog post will guide you through the Angkas Rider requirements and application process for 2024.

What is Angkas?

In just six years since its creation in 2016, Angkas has swiftly transformed into the ultimate choice for motorcycle ride-hailing among Filipinos. While it may not offer the plush comforts of a luxury car, Angkas compensate with lightning-fast service and unbeatable convenience.  

Their recent addition is Angkas Padala, a service where people can request riders to pick up parcels or food and deliver them to different places. Food, documents, or clothes can be taken to your family or friends within Metro Manila or Cebu.

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Why should I become an Angkas Rider?

As of 2024, Angkas has more than 30,000 riders in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro. The demand for Angkas’ motorcycle services continuously grows outside of Metro Manila, and they are hoping to bring their speedy and convenient motorcycle ride system all over the Philippines. Aside from the growing demand for Angkas, here are four more reasons why you should be an Angkas rider:

Angkas rider salary

Angkas takes a 20% commission for every booking. The remaining 80% sums up the rider’s earnings. David Edrana, Head of Transport at Angkas, mentioned that their riders can earn 1,500 pesos daily or 40,000 pesos to 45,000 pesos monthly if they work for 6 to 8 hours a day. Riders can earn 3,000 pesos a day on busy days when the demand for quick transportation is high.

Flexible schedule

What makes becoming a rider the ideal job is that it gives you total control over your time. You are your own boss! You can set your own schedule with no one to monitor what time you’ll clock in or out. You can have long breaks in between shifts too. You can manage your own time and still earn more than enough. It all depends on how hard you work on helping your fellow Pinoys move from point A to point B. 

Free training

The company provides free training for its partners. One of the trainings that they provide is motorcycle driving safety training. This is essential to keep both the driver and the passenger safe while traveling to their desired destination.

Biker community

Angkas has an active Facebook community where riders assist each other by answering questions about motorcycle units, uniforms, customer support, and other related concerns. Also, aspiring applicants can seek guidance from experienced drivers and operators who have been with Angkas for a considerable time.

ANGKAS DAMAYAN Rider & Customer and ANGKAS Bikers GROUP are the Facebook groups you can join in.

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Who can apply as an Angkas Biker?

Angkas accepts applicants 18 to 58 years old.  Applicants 51 years old and above are required to submit a medical certificate declaring that they are fit to work.

Angkas Rider Requirements

These are the documentary, vehicular, and other requirements you need to prepare for your Angkas application.

Documentary Requirements

  • Valid professional driver’s license with DL Code A. Non-professional license is accepted only for Angkas Padala
  • Original & valid NBI clearance
  • Original & valid Police or Barangay Clearance
  • OR/CR of the motorcycle. Original OR date should be 2017-above

If you don’t own the motorcycle, you need to present the following documents:

  • Notarized Deed of sale
  • Authorization letter from owner with a valid ID
  • Repo Sale or Certificate of Sale
  • Delivery Receipt Sales Invoice

Accepted Motorcycle Models

How to Apply for Angkas Rider

All applications should be done online.

Step 1: Fill out and submit the Angkas Biker Application Form.

Angkas biker application requirements

Step 2: Wait for a call from the Angkas team.

Step 3: After receiving confirmation of your application, gather all your requirements and submit through this link or you may submit it at the Angkas Tagumpay Center in Angono, Rizal.

Step 4: While your documents are being processed, you can schedule your training through Calendly.

Step 5: Attend your Free Safety Seminar & the Driving Skills Test.

Step 6: Submit your motorcycle for an audit.

Step 7: Prepare a down payment of 500 pesos for your Biker Kit.

If you are applying for Angkas Padala, the free training, motorcycle audit, and biker kit don’t apply.


Angkas is surely one of the better ways to get to places within Metro Manila, CDO, and Cebu. It’s affordable and reliable, and it will never allow its passengers to be late for their next appointment. In addition, they help future riders like you to earn more income—whether you go full-time or do it on the side. Not only are you able to help your fellow Pinoys out with their commuting problems, but you are also able to earn money for yourself and your family.

Another service they offer in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu is Angkas Padala. Angkas Padala allows you to send your items safely. Biker drivers pick up and deliver anything you need, from food to documents and clothes.

For any inquiries, contact Angkas.  If you have concerns that need immediate answers, you can search their Help section. If you don’t have a motorcycle, check out the Motorento program through the Angkas Barkada MNL Facebook Page 

Happy riding!

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