Build a Good Habit with this 52-Week Ipon Challenge

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Filipinos love a challenge, so it’s really no surprise that the 52-week-ipon challenge has become such a popular mode of saving. It’s also pretty flexible. Whether you’re struggling to put a clamp on your spending or have no problem setting money aside, the 52-week ipon challenge can be adjusted to suit your pace and taste. With this challenge, you also get the added benefit of developing your saving skills as you go along, as the amount you have to set aside increases weekly.

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How the 52-week ipon challenge works

As mentioned above, this challenge increases in increments, so start by setting a weekly increment that you can handle, which will also be the amount you set aside on Week 1.

For example, you start Week 1 with P20. On Week 2, add P20 to last week’s savings goal, and set aside P40. On Week 3, add P20 again to last week’s savings goal, and set aside P60. If you follow this path, you’ll have saved P7,020 by the end of six months and P27,560 by the end of the year.

The 52-week ipon challenge template

Since this is an incremental saving strategy that spans 52 weeks, it’ll be easier for you to decide how high your weekly increments should be—and whether you can handle it—if you’re able to see the entire picture. A weekly increment of P20 might not seem like much at the beginning, but by Week 25, you’ll be pressed to set aside P500. By Week 30, it’ll be 600.

Having an Excel sheet of sorts can help you check for feasibility and map out a strategy for saving. To help you create your own 52-week ipon challenge Excel, we’ve created a simple sample sheet for you and another sheet that’ll allow you to type in your weekly increment of choice and see how it’ll look like across the 52 weeks.

Click here to download the 52-week ipon challenge Excel.

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