Best Investments People Say They Made This Year

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Here at PesoMatters, we’ve talked about getting into the Philippine stock market, investing in Bitcoin, and even investment gifts you should give yourself, but not all investments are monetary in nature. In fact, some people have found that other types of investments yielded better returns. Here are some of them:

An online course membership

In some ways, a work-from-home arrangement has benefited a lot of employees. Les, a 33-year-old marketing officer, found that it gave her more time to pursue other interests. “Before, I would be too exhausted by my daily commute,” she shares, “but since our company allowed us to work from home, I’ve been using the extra time to develop new skills.” In June, she signed up for SkillShare, an online program that gives members access to a multitude of courses, from creative writing to graphic design. “The skills I’m learning don’t just help me become a more capable person at work and my everyday life,” she says, “they’ve also made me feel less helpless the past few months, which, I think is pretty priceless.”

An ergonomic office chair

Ben, a 29-year-old, lead developer, put a great deal of money in something that was more tangible. “I spend most of the day sitting down, so I look at an office chair the same way I look at my computer,” he explains. “It’s part of my equipment.” Given its price tag, which Ben requested that we not share, the award-winning chair of European make is certainly a big investment. However, unlike other financial investments whose returns aren’t guaranteed, this one is already paying off. “I can spend longer hours in front of the screen without my back or my legs suffering for it.”

A weighted blanket

Not all investments have been about work or about personal growth. “The best investment I made this year was in my quality of sleep,” says Jade, 35, a freelancer who has been having trouble sleeping since the pandemic. “I invested in sheets with higher thread counts, an aromatherapy diffuser to help me sleep, and the biggest splurge of all, a weighted blanket!” According to Jade, the weighted blanket was the one that required the most consideration. It had seemed like another trend at first, but she did her due diligence and by the time she was ready to purchase, she felt more than confident with her decision.

A fitness device

Reggie, a 29-year-old developer, is very happy about his Apple Watch. “I’ve been trying to become more conscious about my health,” he says, “but it’s really been a challenge.” A regular gym goer, Reggie confesses that he’s been sliding towards the unhealthy side of the scale since he cut his gym membership early this year. “I bought a few weights and a bench press to create a home gym, but having the watch strapped to me almost every second of every day has been really instrumental in keeping me on track.” 

Investments can take on different forms. One of the most important ones you can make is in your education. If you’re interested to learn more about how to manage your finances, we suggest starting with our quick introduction to the wealth generation cycle here

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