Application Process and Requirements for GrabFood Merchant

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The food industry is a luxurious industry but surviving the competition remains one of the biggest challenges of business owners. If you own a food business, you need to reach as many customers as possible in order to survive the competition. In order to do this, you need to know how to promote a food business effectively. In this article, we are going to discuss, how GrabFood merchant works, its benefits, registration process, requirements, and some frequently asked questions.

What is a GrabFood merchant and how does it work?

GrabFood merchant provides restaurants, cloud kitchens, and eateries with an integrated, self-serve platform where they can monitor and analyze sales, customer data, and marketing performance. Grab simplifies daily food business operations by offering a mobile app. Downloadable on Google Play and the Apple App Store, the GrabMerchant app allows you to manage your entire business from a single platform. You can interact directly with customers, receive orders, and oversee all aspects of your online restaurant with ease.

Why be a GrabFood Merchant?

Ever since the pandemic happened businesses had to find ways to adapt to the rapid changes, especially the restrictions imposed on physical interactions. Many food businesses switched to home-based set-ups and partnered with delivery companies so they could continue providing to their customers.

To this day, GrabFood remains the primary choice among businesses in bringing their food and drinks to people living in different locations. Here are some benefits of partnering with Grab as a GrabFood Merchant:

  1. Increase your revenue as you reach more customers using the Grab app
  2. Instantly gain store visibility on the Grab app which has millions of users
  3. Get free advertising from Grab’s marketing campaigns using email, SMS, Grab’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, etc.
  4. Special deals and promos activated by Grab without extra cost on your part
  5. Get customer feedback that you can use to improve your products and service
  6. Have access to food delivery services without the need to hire delivery riders
  7. Access to financial assistance that can help you expand your business and improve your operations
  8. Manage orders, payments, and more in a single app

Who can apply as a GrabFood Merchant?

The establishments qualified to apply as GrabFood merchants are business entities, whether they are registered corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietors, that offer food and beverages intended for immediate consumption.

Requirements for GrabFood Application

Only those with business permits and BIR registration are allowed to be food sellers on the Grab app. Without these documents, Grab will not allow you to be included in their platform. Here is the complete list of application requirements that you need to submit when you apply as a GrabFood merchant.

  1. Certificate of Registration (BIR 2303, SEC or DTI Certificate) 
  2. Article of Incorporation/Partnership or General Information Sheet (GIS)
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  4. Valid Photo ID of Authorized Representative 
  5. Proof of Bank Account
  6. GrabFood Contract 
  7. GrabFood Menu 
  8. Hero shot or menu photos

Please note that an additional Letter of Authorization is required under the following circumstances:

  • The authorized representative differs from the owner or cannot be located in AOI/GIS.
  • The bank account owner does not match the authorized representative.

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GrabFood Merchant Application Process

Applying as a merchant is easy as long as you have the complete requirements already. Remember, only those with complete requirements will be allowed on the Grab platform. Take note that the Grab Partner Center is not accepting walk-in applicants at the moment. All Grab merchant applications now must be done online.

Here are the steps of the online application:

  1. Sign up to be a merchant partner through this link
  2. After signing up, you will receive an email containing the registration instructions.
  3. Submit the complete details required in the email.
  4. Wait for the contract to be sent to you. 
  5. Sign the contract with Grab.
  6. Verify your details.
  7. Final application approval.
  8. After the final approval, you will be an official GrabFood merchant partner.

GrabFood Merchant Fees

Grab collects a 115% to 30% commission for every transaction. This means that you will not spend anything if you didn’t earn from it. This makes Grab a risk-free marketing strategy and is one of the many reasons why we recommend this strategy in promoting your food business.

GrabFood vs GrabMart: What is a GrabMart merchant?

GrabMart merchants are usually grocery, convenience stores, or retail stores selling grocery items such as frozen goods, dairy products, pantry supplies, medicines, personal and home care products, office and school supplies, and more. Customers can order their daily needs from GrabMart merchants and have them delivered to their location within 30 minutes. 

On the other hand, GrabFood merchants are restaurants or businesses that sell food and beverages for immediate consumption. 

How to apply as GrabMart merchant

Follow the GrabFood merchant application process to be a GrabMart merchant. However, there is an additional requirement . If you are selling tobacco, vape, and alcohol, you also have to submit a DTI License to Operate.

Contact Information and Office Address

If you have other inquiries, this is their office address:

Level 27F/28F Exquadra Tower, Lot 1A Exchange Road corner Jade Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be on GrabFood?

Grab charges their merchants an average of 15%-30% commission per order.

Can I be a GrabFood merchant partner if I don’t have a physical store?

Yes. Grab does not require a physical store as long as you can comply with all the documentary requirements.


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