Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

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The country has not seen normality in the past 2 years since the pandemic happened, it might as well be assumed that many of these changes are here to stay in the next three to five years. Though this new way of living seems permanent and as if life has come to a standstill, it does not mean that all jobs and every industry has suffered equally.  Even more so, it also does not mean your career progression or decision to shift career has to come to a full stop. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines. We will also consider the length of time for study, working hours, job description, and of course, the salary. As part of common advice, besides following the money, also consider where your interests lie. A progression in any career will depend on the depth of your knowledge and experience, which factors in the time you spend developing and practicing your new skills.

#1 Doctors/Surgeons

Doctor’s Job Description: Anywhere in the world, especially today, the medical field has increased its demand for these practitioners. There is a large variety of specializations that determines the years spent studying, which also equates to the amount earned later on. Providing continued care for patients, performing surgeries, organizing preventive medical programs, and referring patients to specialized medical care provided by the hospital.

How to Become a Doctor: Minimum three years for a pre-med bachelor’s degree and then four years for an M.D. course. After these seven years, about a year is taken to prepare for the board exam.

Doctor’s Working Hours: Average of 40- 60 hours a week

Doctor’s Salary: 1,200,000 – 1,260,000 per year

#2 C-level Executive

CEO or COO Job Description: Also known as a C-suite executive, these individuals take the highest positions in a company, particularly the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other examples of C-level positions are Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Financial Officers. The most power and influence are held by these people who direct company strategy, make high-stakes decisions, and oversee the day-to-day operations are all in line with company goals and objectives.

How to Become a C-level Executive: About 41% of C-level executives have a masters degree over their bachelors degree. This would be equivalent to an average of 6 years of study in total.

Executive’s Working Hours: Though there are no studies based for the Philippines, 9.7 hours per week according to a global study done by Harvard Business Review

C-level Executive Salary: 1,100,000- 1,160,000 yearly

#3 Lawyer

Lawyer’s Job Description: A lawyer’s interests lie in upholding the law and protecting their client’s rights. This involves a lot of research to gather evidence, approvals, and documentation, plus giving legal advice. A lawyer’s role also covers reviewing and managing estates, wills, trusts, contracts, and deeds. Another one of their responsibilities is managing processes for regulatory and compliance-related services. These are only some of the tasks that cover a lawyer’s job description and their focus will depend on the specialization they have chosen. Here are the areas they can specialize in: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Family Law, and Environmental Law.

How to Become a Lawyer: Four years for an undergraduate degree, then another four years for a law degree. After these have been completed, there is a bar exam to pass. This would total eight years in school and an average of three to six months to review for the bar.

Lawyer’s Working Hours: Lawyers in larger firms work longer than 40 hours a week, this is also seen in data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US. It is estimated that the average working hours of a lawyer is 49.6 hours a week and possibly longer for larger firms.

Lawyer’s Salary: 900,000- 987,000 yearly

#4 Bank Manager

Bank Manager’s Job Description: Being in the manager position, this role oversees day-to-day operations with special attention to promoting and marketing the bank’s products and services to increase performance. This role also entails dealing with customers and addressing complaints, supervising approval of loans, preparing financial statements, preparation of budgets, and forecasts according to fiscal needs.

How to Become a Bank Manager: A bachelor’s degree, typically a course in business, economics, finance, management, or marketing, is the minimum requirement for this position. There is a small percentage of 13% that have a master’s degree for the role.

Bank Manager’s Working Hours: Bank open hours are usually from 9 am-5 pm and may have some weekend operations too. 

Bank Manager’s Salary: 971,000 yearly on average

#5 Art Director

Art Director’s Job description: An art director’s job description involves directing and coordinating projects from start to completion. He formulates design concepts and chooses elements, locations, or materials depending on the need of the client/company. At the end of each project the art director has to sign off and give his approval to the designers he manages before this is used on different types of media. An art director exhibits his mastery of different skills such as typography, image manipulation, animation, or illustration and mixes this with his knowledge of marketing design.

How to Become an Art Director: A bachelor’s degree is enough for this role but a portfolio proving creativity and experience will be required.

Art Director’s Working Hours: This is dependent on the industry that can vary from the usual 9 am-5 pm to very long working hours in large advertising agencies.

Art Director’s Salary: 831,432 yearly on average

Tip: You can become a home-based art director by becoming a virtual assistant. In this guide, you can learn how to become a VA (virtual assistant).

#6 Geologist

Geologist’s Job description: A Geologist provides support to engineering design and field programs through geologic/ geotechnical services they provide. This includes creating plans and managing geotechnical exploration programs. Depending on the project, it may involve assigning laboratory testing, soil and water sampling, studying geotechnical fields as well as soil and rock logging, etc. A geologist can create many different types of maps that can be applied for different uses, some of these maps can even predict volcano, earthquake, and landslide hazards.

How to Become a Geologist: A four-year course in BS Geology is required for this role and then a geologist licensure exam under the PRC needs to be passed. The three universities that offer BS Geology are Adamson University, Mapua Institute of Technology, and UP Diliman.

Geologist’s Working Hours: Normal office hours are still 9 am-5 pm but there is a lot of fieldwork involved that could make it longer or irregular at times.

Geologist’s Salary: 778,668 yearly on average

#7 Pilot

Pilot’s Job description: A pilot’s role is mainly to transport people, mail, and also freight for commercial purposes. Other responsibilities include checking documentation to determine safety and readiness before flight; factors such as weight/load, fuel supply, weather conditions, route, and schedule are all to be considered. If there is anything amiss they can order for changes, replenishment, or reduction, wherever they see appropriate before liftoff. As part of preparation before starting the engines, a pilot must also read gauges on oil supply, hydraulic fluid, cabin pressure, and others.

How to Become a Pilot: A college degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a pilot, though about 47% of pilots have a bachelor’s degree and 19% have a master’s degree. This is because major airlines have made it a requirement that their pilots are college graduates. A primary requirement to fly is passing the Private Pilot License exam and then earning the Commercial Pilot License after if you want to be paid to fly.

Pilot’s Working Hours: Needless to say, you should expect irregular working hours for this job. Schedules will be dependent on flight times whether it may be in the middle of the day, late nights, or early hours in the morning. And flight lengths will give you 3-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts depending on the route and the company.

Pilot’s Salary: 693,468 yearly

#8 Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer’s Job description: A computer programmer will normally know more than one programming language, and he will be referred to according to the language he will be using such as java programmer or according to the function he will perform such as web programmer, database programmer, etc. His skill is in the writing, modifying, debugging, and testing of computer codes for different types of software. After he has set up and tested the software it is also up to him to maintain and update it.

How to Become a Computer Programmer: A 4-year bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar course that has significant computer programming content.

Computer Programmer’s Working Hours: Typically they will be working 40 hours a week and 50 hours a week for some. Depending on the company they may be working alone or with a team, and may need to travel to client offices to provide training and support.

Computer Programmer’s Salary: 522,876 yearly

#9 Financial Advisor/Financial Broker

Financial Advisor’s Job description: A financial broker is a go-to person if you want to sell or buy financial or non-financial products. These individuals manage the portfolio of individuals or clients with the objective of higher income or growth. They may be involved in different dealings such as real estate, investments, and insurance. As an advisor, they forge relationships, act as a liaison between different groups/individuals, and perform administrative tasks.

You can read the full job description of financial advisors here.

How to Become a Financial Advisor: Anyone can be a financial advisor/broker, but you would have an advantage if you had a background in finance, only because a good understanding of the market and how it works is important. That being said, there is no pre-requisite course needed because training will be provided by the company plus a guiding manager will be assigned to you. The training period would be three to six months depending on the company.

Financial Advisor’s Working hours: Depending on the arrangement this may be a full-time 8-hour job or part-time with flexible hours.

Financial Advisor’s Salary: 350,000

#10 Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer’s Job description: Engineering duties are performed by a Civil Engineer which covers creating plans and designs, plus overseeing the construction and maintenance of buildings. The scope of their work also allows them to do the same for roads, airports, bridges, dams, power plants, waste disposal, and other infrastructures.

How to Become a Civil Engineer: Five-year course in BS Civil Engineering then a test under the PRC to get a license to practice.

Civil Engineer’s Working Hours: A 9 am-5 pm full-time job would be the norm for a civil engineer. But once they are involved in directing projects, longer hours will be needed than just the regular 8-hour shift.

Civil Engineer’s Salary: 256,815 yearly on average

Sources: https://www.dole.gov.ph/


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