Top 7 Ice Cream Brands in the Philippines for Resellers

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No matter where you are in the Philippines, every corner you turn will have a sari-sari store. Most of these stores will have a freezer full of delicious ice cream treats. After all, sweet frozen snacks aren’t just refreshing; they’re also a great source of income. If you’re looking for ways to add value to your sari-sari store or simply want to earn money on the side, getting into the ice cream business might be your next best move. Here are some of the top ice cream brands in the Philippines that can help you get started:

1) Selecta Ice Cream

selecta ice cream
Image: Facebook/@selectaphilippines

From its humble beginnings as a family-owned ice cream parlor in 1948, Selecta has become an icon in the Filipinos’ dessert fare. To date, they continue to delight the Pinoy taste buds with their creamy creations and limited-edition ice cream flavors. 

If you want to take your love for Selecta to the next level by becoming their reseller, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Apply through their Facebook page, Selecta Negosyo PH

After clicking ‘Get Started’, you will be asked if you are aged 18 and above. Click ‘Oo’ if it applies to you.

You will then be given the application link and the form should look like this:

Step 2: After selecting the package you wish to apply for, you need to provide your personal information.

Step 3: Upload the following requirements after providing your personal information

  1. An image of your storefront (harap ng tindahan) 
  2. Store owner’s ID
  3. Business Permit (Mayor’s Business Permit, DTI Registration, BIR Form 2023)
  4. Proof of Billing for your store’s address

Step 4: While filling out the form, you will be asked to choose the initial capital that you can provide for your first order of Selecta products.

Once you’ve provided the necessary data, you can now submit your application.

Step 5:  Prepare the initial capital that you have chosen.

Like many ice cream distributors, Selecta will let you “borrow” one of their refrigerators. You have a few to choose from, and they will suggest which one is best for your location and type of store. They will also teach you how to maintain the fridge, so you’re sure it’s always in tip-top shape. 

Your initial investment can range from PHP 5,000 to PHP 150,000 pesos including the selection of ice cream products you wish to sell. According to those who have tried selling Selecta ice cream, they earn up to Php 30,000 a month.

2) Creamline Ice Cream

Creamline is another brand you can consider for your ice cream reselling business. It’s also very easy to apply as a reseller, and the initial investment is affordable. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Start a chat through Messenger by choosing the “How to become a Creamline Retailer?” option

Step 2: Fill out the Google form sent to to your.

In the application form, you will need to provide your details, complete address, and landmarks of your residence. You should also indicate whether or not you have a functioning refrigerator that can store Creamline’s products. If you do not have a refrigerator, Creamline will lend you their refrigerator.

Step 3: Wait for your application to be approved.

As indicated in their response on Messenger, you will need to wait for two to three months for the sales agents to conduct a site check.

Step 4: Prepare the initial capital of PHP 4,500 pesos.

The initial capital is inclusive of a refrigerator for applicants who don’t have one yet and merchandise materials. Alongside the small capital, Creamline also offers a subsidy for the electricity bill to its resellers. 

3) Aice Ice Cream

AICE Ice cream reseller package
AICE Ice cream reseller package

Aice is a Singaporean ice cream brand that was established in Indonesia and now has one of its biggest ASEAN factories in Batangas.  Recently, more and more sari-sari stores have included Aice Ice Cream in their inventories. It’s also very easy to apply as an Aice Ice Cream reseller. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Send your name and contact number via their Facebook page.

Step 2: Choose from their reseller packages.

Package 1: 8 boxes for PHP 3,620

Package 2: 10 boxes for PHP 4,550

Package 3: 13-17 boxes for PHP 8,473

These packages are according to their latest pricing structure as shared by Aice distributors in this Facebook community

Step 3: While waiting for the site visit, prepare the following documents to speed up your approval.

  • Two valid IDs
  • Business or Barangay Permit for sari-sari stores
  • DTI, Mayor’s Permit, and Proof of Billing for big stores

Also, it is stated in their requirements that there should be no Aice Freezer near you and your location has good foot traffic. Be sure to scout your neighborhood early on.

Once the sales representative approve your application and your store’s location, they will come back with your supplies. This includes the Aice freezer and your choice of ice cream products. 

4) Big Scoop Ice Cream

Big Scoop is one of the popular ice cream suppliers in Metro Manila. They have three stores in the metro – San Juan, Escolta, and Makati. Some restaurants they distribute ice cream to are TGIFridays, Vikings, and The Manila Hotel. 

Their flavors are classified into 5 categories as shown in the table below.

ClassicDe LuxeFat-Free SherbetLow Fat – No Sugar AddedSpecial Flavors
Buko LechiasBuko PandanAvocado
CoffeeGreen TeaCalamansiChocolateBubble Gum 
MochaStrawberry FieldsGuyabanoCashewMallows
VanillaVanillaChocolate Chocolate Chips

Check out all Big Scoop Ice Cream flavors here.

They offer wholesale and retail partnerships. If you are interested in being a retailer, you can send them an inquiry through their contact page or you can reach out to them via the following channels:

Email: bigscoopicecream@hotmail.com

Number: (02) 8722-89-79 & (02) 8722-41-77

Office: 219 N. Domingo St., Corner Pinaglabanan St, San Juan City

5) Nestle Ice Cream

Nestle has become a household name. But they don’t just sell and distribute ice cream; they’re also known for their milk brands, coffee products, baby food, breakfast items, and pet food. 

You wouldn’t go wrong making Nestle products a part of your sari-sari store inventory since it’s such a popular brand.

Start by checking out their official website. Click their Contact Us tab and choose Retailers/Resellers. You’ll find a list of authorized distributors there. 

You can inquire about their reselling packages and the minimum investment. The updated information you’ll find online about reselling costs is around Php1,000. Much like the other ice cream brands on this list, the Nestle sales team will ask for your contact details so they can schedule a site inspection. They will also ask for additional documents like your business permit.

6) Magnolia Ice Cream

Magnolia is another household name, but you won’t find many details online about becoming an authorized reseller.

Luckily, they’ve enumerated several ways to reach out to them. You can send a message to their official Facebook page here. You can also fill up the form out their website and click on their Contact Us page. Choose Business Opportunities on the drop-down list and send your inquiry. 

The good thing about going to their website is that you can also see other San Miguel products available for reselling. Currently, the company currently has a Magnolia Chicken Community Reseller Program you can check out. They also open partnerships for San Miguel Foods’ Community Resellers Program, Baked Products Reseller Program, and more.

7) Geno’s Ice Cream

Geno’s ice cream originates from Bataan and is popular for its unique flavors. They use only natural ingredients. There are several authorized distributors such as Beatific by Geno’s Ice Cream and Geno’s Ice Cream Metro Manila, which are both located in Quezon City. 

They sell the ice cream in gallons, which range from PHP 830 to PHP 930 depending on the location. Their half-gallon and pint sizes are now discontinued. Their best-selling flavor is the Gabi Keso (Taro), but they also have other unique choices like Macapuno Keso and Avocado Keso. 

You can send a message through their assigned distributor’s Facebook pages or inquire via Bataan Bestsellers.

Before you become an ice cream reseller in the Philippines

Before selling ice cream in your sari-sari store, you must remember a few things. For one, deal only with authorized agents from ice cream brands. There are a lot of ‘fake resellers’ online who will talk to you about reselling, but not all are legitimate. 

Apart from that, take note that most ice cream brands only offer cash-on-delivery payment, which means you don’t have to pay for anything unless they’ve delivered the freezer and ice cream to your store. 

The freezer usually comes with your contract for free or as part of the deal. Most ice cream brands don’t charge for their freezers—all you have to pay for is the initial stock of products you’re going to sell. 

Being an ice cream reseller in the Philippines can be highly profitable, especially during the summer months. If your store is near a school, an office, or a street with high foot traffic, look into selling ice cream. Who knows, it might just become your store’s bestseller.


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