Entrepreneurs Are Making Money Off These Non-Essential Items

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Filipinos are naturally entrepreneurial. Many of us have an eye for what will sell, which is especially important now that people’s priorities and lifestyles have drastically changed. Thinking of setting up shop? These non-essential items should give you an idea of what’s hot.

Office furniture


The current pandemic has changed the way we work. While some employees still have to report to the office, a good number of us have successfully shifted to a work-from-home environment. This has created a demand for proper office chairs and work desks. In fact, as of press time, four out of six office chairs at EasyPC are sold out. Prices for desks and multipurpose tables have also become quite competitive online. It’s clear that working from home is the new normal, and if you can deduce what other necessities employees today will require to recreate a productive working environment, then you’re on the right track.

Gadgets and tech


Since work meetings and educational classes are now conducted online, many people have found it necessary to upgrade their existing gadgets as well. They invest in new laptops or tablets and buy better headsets. Supplementary items such as laptop stands and ring lights are more popular than ever. It’s not all about brand new items either. There are plenty of people who are interested in secondhand items, too.

Fitness equipment


Now that people are living even more sedentary lives than they did before, there’s been a renewed interest in building home gyms. Fitness equipment—from simple ones like yoga mats to big-ticket items like bench presses—are doing well online. Other items related to fitness such as workout clothes and fitness gadgets are also high on the list of sellable items.

Houseware and home decor


Given that we now spend so much time at home, it makes sense that we’re more motivated to give it a facelift in one form or another. Some of us buy pretty mugs for our morning coffee or treat ourselves to marble trays for our vanity—both of which are popular on Instagram. Others have even taken to replacing their electric fans for prettier ones—the retro models from Asahi come to mind—just because they work better in aesthetically pleasing environments.

Plants and their accoutrements


A surprising development is the rise of interest in caring for plants. While this trend isn’t new—millennials started cultivating a love for succulents and monsteras as early as 2019—the current pandemic has accelerated its growth. According to anthropologist Gideon Lasco, people have their own reasons for wanting to become a plantito or plantita, but considering the threat of the virus, these plants “offer the promise of regeneration and kinship.” Whatever the case may be, plants and their accompanying accessories—macrame plant hangers and pots—have become popular online, and it’s up to you how you want to use this information.

By the time you read this article, it’s possible that new trends have emerged. Before you commit to anything, it’s recommended that you conduct your own research. Launch a survey among your friends and family. There might be a demand that you can fulfill.

Selling items online is one way to earn extra income, but is it your gateway to wealth? If all goes well, then it’s a start. But wealth is much more than a successful business—it’s a cycle. Learn more about the wealth generation cycle here.

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