Skills You Can Learn Today, So You Can Work from Home

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These days, almost anyone can work from home if they have the right skill set! In the Philippines, becoming a virtual assistant with lots of in demand skill can be a very good advantage. If you’re thinking of transitioning to a work-from-home setup, here are some of the skills that are worth looking into.


As long as people continue to consume written content, whether online or offline, there will always be a need for a copyeditor. At a glance, it might seem like a copyeditor is only in charge of checking grammar or spelling. However, they’re also responsible for making sure that the text is cohesive, consistent, and coherent.


The creative industry is rife with work-from-home opportunities. If you enjoy drawing, don’t be shy to advertise your work online. It might lead to projects such as logo creation, art commissions, original comic strips, and editorial images among others. It doesn’t matter if your illustrations don’t look like the ones you see around either. That’s the beauty of creative work: Everyone has their own style.

Video Editing

In the last few years, online videos have become a popular storytelling medium. The fact that content creators on YouTube have become as big as they are is evidence of that. The good news is, these videos don’t edit themselves. Many of your favorite YouTube influencers actually offload the editing of their videos to freelancers. One of these days, that just might be you.

Social Media Management

Another skill that will allow you to work from home is social media management. This isn’t just about creating a social media account, but also about planning content and coming up with strategies to grow followers or engagement. Nobody is born with innate social media skills, so management is something that everyone can learn and eventually become better at.

Website Design

With so many people exploring e-commerce and digital marketing opportunities today, it’s no wonder the demand for web designers has gone up. Everyone wants to strengthen their presence online. If you know how to design, code, or even guide someone through creating a website using ready-made templates, you’ll find no shortage of clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Hand in hand with the increase in demand for website design is the rise in search engine optimization or SEO work. Helping website owners rank on Google search results ultimately helps them become discoverable online. This is a valuable skill set. And like other digital skills, you can learn how to do SEO by taking the time to learn the basics and honing your capabilities based on further study and experience.

Project Management

Since so many projects are now being conducted online, the need for a manager has become more crucial than ever. After all, someone has to make sure that all the tasks are completed on time. Project management is a skill that is flexible enough that you can jump from industry to industry so as long as you take the time to understand the basics of the work required and have the capability to herd people along, follow up on deadlines, and understand timelines.

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