What Type of Gift Giver Are You?

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Holiday shopping can be stressful, but with a strategy in place, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed. Not sure what your gift-giving style is or if you even have one in the first place? Read on to see if any of these sound familiar!

Made With Love

While it’s more convenient to buy your gifts, you prefer to create them from scratch. Whether it’s baking a batch of cookies or composing a song, you take pride in being able to offer your loved ones something of yourself in the process.

General Merchandise

Christmas shopping is a breeze for you because you tend to give all of your friends the same presents. While going to tiangges is not as easy this year, there’s no shortage of online shops that’ll probably carry what you’re looking for.

Christmas Espesyal

You believe in giving each of your loved ones gifts that are perfect for their personality. While this is more time-consuming, you take genuine pleasure in the hunt. In fact, it’s highly likely that you start searching for the perfect gifts as early as September.

Only the Essentials

You prefer function over form, choosing to give your loved ones gifts that you think will be of actual use to them. You have a sixth sense for sussing out what they need—sometimes, even before they know it!

Your Wish Is My Command

You don’t like to play guessing games. In fact, you often ask your loved ones straight up what they want for Christmas or sneak a peek at their Lazada or Shopee wish list. While you’ve lost the element of surprise, you figure it’s worth the perfect batting average.

Advocacy Campaign

You like to use every opportunity you have to push a cause or a charity that’s very close to your heart, and admittedly, there’s no better time to do so than the season of giving. Just don’t forget to consider the actual recipients of your gifts, too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There’s no shame in re-gifting a present that would otherwise waste away in the back of your closet. As they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Of course, if said gift will eventually end up in the back of their closet, too, then perhaps a change in strategy is due.

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