LIST: Major Health Insurance in the Philippines

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Medical bills can stack up pretty quickly. A consultation with a doctor can cost you P500, while an overnight stay at a private room in a hospital can cost you P3,000. To prepare yourself for these expenses, consider getting an HMO plan or getting health insurance. An HMO plan is a kind of health program that gives you access to a specific set of healthcare practitioners and institutions. It’s also as good as cash. You can learn more about HMOs here

Health insurance, on the other hand, offers a wider range of inclusions. The amount is either reimbursed to you or given to you upon diagnosis of a disease. 

Here are some of the popular companies offering health insurance in the Philippines: 

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FWD Life Insurance Corporation

If you think you’re likely to contract a critical illness more than once, FWD’s Set for Health allows you to make a claim three times over the course of your contract duration. It also waives premiums when you’re diagnosed with your first major illness and gives you 100% of your premium back if you end up not contracting a major illness before age 75. FWD also has a specific health insurance plan for cancer called Fight Plan. It covers you up to P2 million and protects you against all types of cancers for 15 years. If the cancer is at the early stage, you’ll get 20% of the benefit amount. As the disease progresses, so will the amount increase. Full benefit is guaranteed if you are beyond the cancer’s early, non-threatening stage.

Sun Life

While known for its life insurance and investment products, Sun Life also has health plans that cater to a wide range of lifestyles. If you’re specifically worried about medical bills from surgery or hospital confinement, Sun Life First Aid offers hospitalization benefits for 10 years. In the event of death, the premiums paid also act as a death benefit. If you’re worried about critical illnesses like stroke, cancer, or kidney failure, Sun Life Assure offers protection against 36 major critical conditions, four of which include surgery. Upon diagnosis, you get a lump sum cash benefit equal to your plan’s face amount. 

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Like most life insurance companies, Manulife also has a critical illness health plan. Health Choice protects you against 60 illnesses, provides daily hospitalization allowance, and rewards you for staying healthy. The life insurance company has also a specific health plan for men called Adam and another for women called Eve

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If you’re looking for affordable health plans, AXA’s Health Start Lite might be an option. It doesn’t just protect you from cancer, stroke, and heart attack, the top three major illnesses, but also from nine minor conditions. It also acts as life insurance and can start for as low as P535 per month, depending on your age and health condition. There’s also Health Start, which provides greater coverage, not just for yourself, but your family. It has built-in coverage for your child (if you have any) and allows you to cover the health of a spouse, sibling, or parent. You can also customize your health plans with other health riders to get the exact plan that meets all your needs. 

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Philam Life

No stranger to health plans, Philam Life also has a portfolio of health insurance products that might appeal to you. One of them is Health Invest, a plan that doesn’t just protect you against major critical conditions and accidents, but also creates an investment fund for you, which you’ll be able to use for healthcare and other costs in the future. In case you’re worried about contracting a critical illness past 75 years old, which is when most health insurance providers cap their health plans, you might be interested in the AIA Critical Protect 100, which gives you coverage against 100 illnesses until age 100. 

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Dealing with a major disease while struggling with mounting medical costs doubles the amount of stress on you and your family, so having a backup plan in the form of health insurance is important. With PRULife’s PRUWellness, you get a daily hospital income benefit, long-term hospitalization benefit, dread disease benefit, ICU benefit, surgical expense reimbursement, and even death benefit from term insurance. There’s also PRUHealth Prime, which doesn’t just cover you against cancer, but also has investment features that’ll help ease the burden of medical costs. 

Pacific Cross

While more known for its travel insurance plans, Pacific Cross also has a wide range of medical plans that might interest frequent travelers. Younger clients might like LifeStyle, a medical plan designed especially for new clients aged 21 to 35 with limited coverage abroad. Blue Royale is a worldwide medical dollar plan that ensures you get the best possible care wherever you are.

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