Virtual assistants have become increasingly in demand, now that there is a shift from the traditional nine to five corporate jobs to freelancing. A virtual assistant is also a job that is known to have a high-paying salary while working in the comforts of your home. If you are someone who’s looking for a job that only requires your desktop, a reliable internet connection, your ability to keep up with deadlines, and you want flexible hours, then you may want to consider applying as a virtual assistant.

But apart from these, what makes a virtual assistant different from other jobs? Read more to find out!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA in shorter terms is a remote employee or an independent contractor who renders services to their clients or companies locally or abroad. They provide administrative, creative, or secretarial services and they perform them in remote locations, wherever they are in the world.

People who are employed as VA work from home, sometimes following the schedule of their clients or companies. They usually perform typical administrative assistant work, but VAs have more flexible hours as their work will depend on the influx of work or tasks needed to be done.

Virtual Assistant Job Description

A virtual assistant may be hired depending on the task that needs to be done. Different clients have different needs and having a wide range of skill sets can help you land a job faster. Below are some of the things that a virtual assistant may do for their client. Some of these items may fit the job description of a virtual assistant.

  • General administrative duties
  • Data entry
  • Technical support
  • Scheduling appointments on calendars,
  • Arranging travel bookings
  • Creating SEO content or other blog posts
  • Managing social media
  • Create or edit graphics

Common Skills Needed to Become a VA in the Philippines

Now that you are aware of what virtual assistants usually do, you need to be equipped with these basic skills. Here are some skills a client or a company looks for in a VA:


Having excellent communication skills is vital as most of the work would include writing and sending emails, calling customers, and dealing business with other clients.

Time Management

Most clients always impose strict deadlines, and that’s why you need to manage your time properly to finish tasks and meet those deadlines.

Familiarity with Project Management Tools

You cannot be a VA if you do not know any software or project management tools such as Microsoft Office. VAs must also be adept at creating strategies for the development of their client’s businesses. You need to be aware of the modernities of the marketing industry, so you need to be creative and well-versed in project management by utilizing these tools.

Good Typing Speed and Accuracy

Some clients require their VAs to transcribe a meeting or conference. Most clients require a typing speed of 60 words per minute, and it must be 99% or 100% accurate.


As most VAs can multi-task, this doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice the quality of their work. Clients highly require clients to have a keen eye for detail, no matter how minor it may be.

Social Media Management

Everyone is heavily reliant on social media. If you are a VA assigned as a social media manager, you need to know how to use social media platforms, create events online, and interact with users online. You must also know how to promote your client’s products and services online and cross-post them on various social media platforms.

Qualifications of a Virtual Assistant

There are no fixed, and hard-and-fast requirements for someone to become a virtual assistant. Some companies require certain educational attainment, some may also ask a prospective VA to have specialized training in a particular field. Some clients and companies offer certification courses for virtual assistant skills.

But for beginners, a VA must be tech-savvy, with vast knowledge of IT-related programs and software. If you are applying as a bookkeeper virtual assistant, you must know basic accounting skills. Hence, being computer literate is a must.

When it comes to educational attainment, the youngest preference by most clients is that you are a high school or college graduate. As most companies don’t mind your educational attainment, what is important is that you know how to follow instructions, you are organized, and can meet deadlines.

You must also have a previous experience in the secretarial or administrative field. An administrative assistant is one of the usual previous job experiences of those applying to become a VA.

Lastly, you need to have excellent communication skills – both oral and written. This qualification is a no-brainer, as you will be dealing with customers and clients all around the world. Communication is crucial when you are working as a virtual assistant.

In sum, you only need relevant experience to become a virtual assistant. But having certifications and high education attainment can be an edge to land on the job that you want.

How to become a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is not as difficult as it seems. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a quick guide to help you begin this journey.

1. Decide Which Services to Focus On

A virtual assistant is a flexible job, and there are hundreds of services you can enter. However, it would be hard for you if you take on all of these services. Based on learnings, it’s recommended to find your niche, whichever your strength is, and focus on that. It’s better to sell yourself as an expert in the field instead of a generic jack of all trades.

As a starter, you may choose around three services that you want to focus on and check in the next few months how you’ve handled them. If you’ve done well, you may add two more, but if not, better to get used to these first before expanding.

2. Fix Your Rate Card

Most charging payments of virtual assistants are not straight-forward. Your rate will still be handled on a case-to-case basis but better to standardize for reference. You may place options in your rate card depending on the nature of work and the frequency of availing your services. Make sure to base your price on your length of experience and level of experience because your client will surely take that into consideration.

As an example, always keep in mind that VAs that are tech savvy and offer services that require technical skills like search engine optimization, website development, graphic design, and video editing, will most likely charge higher than generic VAs. This is because they have invested time and money into their training as well.

From here, check on what services you’ll allow being charged per hour, per month, or on a per-project basis.

3. Legally Set Up Your Business

Make sure to legally set up your business when starting out. Decide whether you’ll operate as a Sole Proprietor or a Limited Liability Company.

The fastest way to bring your business to life is by being a Sole Proprietor since there’s no special setup for this. The only downside for this option is that should there happen to your business, your personal assets will be at risk.

Another option is through the Limited Liability Company. There are more requirements needed for this route but what’s good about this is that your personal assets are protected just in case someone sues your business.

Aside from these, it’s better if you also prepare your contracts at the start. Have your templates ready including the necessary conditions between the client and you – from the payment, timeliness of payment, specifics on the services offered, and more. This will assure that both parties are covered should something come up.

For a smoother process, it’s recommended that you consult both an accountant and an attorney. This will ensure that your moves are in place before you fully offer your services.

4. Finalize Your Branding

After you’ve worked on the three prerequisites above, it’s now time to work on your branding. This is a crucial step as you won’t be able to fully market and sustain your business without your company name and logo. Make sure that your branding will fully encapsulates the services you are offering and the kind of service you are planning to offer to your clients.

5. Craft Your Social Media Platform and Website

One of the easiest ways to market yourself is through social media. We suggest that you separate your personal profile from your professional profile so that your posts and engagements won’t get mixed up. When setting up your pages, always ensure that your branding is well-represented in your account and that the services offered and rates are clear to the potential clients.

It’s also recommended to create a website to promote your business. It’s a more formal and professional way of introducing yourself to the market. Think of this as your virtual resume so make it count. Always remember that your services and pricing should not be the main start here. Ensure that you get to capitalize on this platform by showcasing your portfolio (the past works you’ve done) to add to your credibility. Don’t also forget to include where your audience can contact you as this is the most critical part of your website.

6. Find Your First Clients

Once you have set up everything, it’s now time to jump into the real world – finding clients. It may be daunting to contact your first lead and land your first client but you’ll get more comfortable as time passes by.

7. Attend training programs for virtual assistants

Attending training programs for virtual assistants is also a great way to hone your skills and find clients. Attending such programs before starting your virtual assistant career could give you an advantage. You’ll not only learn the foundations of being a virtual assistant, but you could also learn how to find clients.

Fully Booked VA and PinterestVA are some examples of those that offer virtual assistant training programs. You can learn from their online courses, get certificates, and get access to potential clients.

Where can a virtual assistant find clients?

The shift towards remote work increased the opportunities for virtual assistants. As a virtual assistant, knowing how to stand out among others would help you find clients.

Here are the top places you can explore to find clients:

  1. Get referrals from past or current clients
  2. Land clients from social media
  3. Find nearby businesses or communities in your city or town
  4. Visit reliable websites

Get referrals from past or current clients

Your past and current clients already have an idea of what you can do. You can find new clients by asking them if they know anyone who might need your services too.  

It highlights the significance of building a relationship with your clients since they can also be a testimony to the quality of your work and your work ethic. A bonus tip is that you can give them a simple gift or token whenever they give referrals. These incentives may encourage them to refer more people to you!

Land clients from social media

Social media plays a significant role in today’s modern world, especially for businesses. Since many people and businesses use social media, it makes it a great place to find clients.

Firstly, you can explore Facebook by joining groups and creating your business page. By joining paid or free Facebook groups, you can engage, contribute, and build rapport with potential clients. Although attracting clients is good, you also need to prioritize building connections or expanding your network.

For your business page, you can use it to promote your services, portfolio, testimonies, and service rates. It’ll help your future clients connect with you efficiently.

Similar to Facebook, you can also create an Instagram account for your business or services. Although Instagram doesn’t have the same functions as Facebook, you can still use it to showcase your work. It’ll help your potential clients get to know you further.

Apart from those social media apps, you can also create a website for your business. You can promote it on your social media accounts too!

Find nearby businesses or communities in your city or town

Going out of social media, you can also find clients in nearby businesses and communities. Try meeting people from your city or town to make connections. It’s also a great way for you to meet your fellow freelancers and learn a thing or two from them.

The goal of exploring social media and your local community is for you to reach where people are. It doesn’t only enable you to reach your family and friends, but also strangers and fellow virtual assistants. Immersing yourself in diverse communities will enlighten you on the needs of your target market.

Visit reliable websites

One of the easiest ways to scout opportunities is by visiting websites that are popular for freelance writing job postings. Here are some of the best ones that you can visit as a starter!

  • FiverrThis platform is one of the friendliest websites for starters. Although you won’t find a lot of high-paying opportunities there, it can be your stepping stone to building your portfolio and helping you build your professional experience.
  • FlexJobsFlexJobs is a job board that presents all remote work, both freelance and part-time, that you can apply for. They have a strict posting process that’s why it’s known that all the opportunities listed here are real. Because of the work done in preserving their name, they require all members to pay $14.95 per month. What’s good about them is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that their services and chances of landing a high-paying job are low, you may opt to ask for a refund.
  • UpworkUpwork is home to a lot of freelancers in the world. Because of the demand on this platform, there is a high chance that you’ll get a job lower than what you expected. The main advantage of this platform is that it has a user-friendly interface, making your chances of finding a job higher than the others.

Is it hard to become a virtual assistant?

The tasks performed by virtual assistants are similar to administrative or secretary work. The job might seem overwhelming due to the long list of administrative work; however, virtual assistants could have specific jobs based on one’s skill sets. For example, a virtual assistant may focus only on bookkeeping, customer support, or research.

Since virtual assistants work remotely, it eases the burden of frequently going to the office. Also, working from home allows you to work for different companies at once.

In terms of education, a college degree is not required to become a virtual assistant. However, having a degree will help you land your ideal clients. Virtual assistants are mostly required to undergo training and earn certifications. Since there are lots of administrative work, enhancing your skills is essential for the job.

Here are some of the skills that you can improve the quality of your work as a virtual assistant:

  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technological or Computer skills
  • Multitasking
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills

How to get my first job as a virtual assistant?

Searching for jobs online is a great start for new virtual assistants. There are many job postings for virtual assistants online, where you can filter them according to geographic location, salary, job type, schedule, company, etc.  

Jobs for virtual assistants are not limited to corporate companies. You can also apply in other industries such as healthcare, real estate, law firms, marketing agencies, and engineering firms. 

For your application to stand out, you can highlight your skills and the things you can contribute to the company. You can also share your achievements from training and workshops.

However, before you start your first job as a virtual assistant, keep in mind that you need to have equipment like a computer, microphone, and camera. If the job requires specific and specialized equipment, companies often provide them for you.  

How many hours do virtual assistants work?

Virtual assistants usually work for a minimum of 20 hours per week. However, some virtual assistants can work for less than 20 hours. Since it is much lower than the usual 30 to 40 hours per week, companies could decrease their costs.  

Also, there are available full-time and part-time jobs for virtual assistants. Some are required to work for specific hours while others are given a deadline instead.

For clients looking for a virtual assistant, requiring a minimum of 20 hours per week means that they could only work for you a couple of hours per day. It allows the virtual assistant to work for another client simultaneously to earn more. Hence, there are tendencies where they won’t be able to respond or attend to you quickly.

Are virtual assistants in demand?

Virtual assistants are considered an in-demand job due to the growth of online businesses and remote work. More companies have also begun outsourcing, which increased the opportunities for virtual assistants. By hiring virtual assistants, companies could have a diverse pool of talent, reduce the need for office space, lessen the burden of managing employees, and reduce costs.  

These are the specific in-demand virtual assistant services that companies look for:

  • Cold-calling
  • Taking customer calls
  • Email communications
  • Customer scheduling
  • File management and maintenance
  • Social media marketing
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Website design and development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Video editing

Companies hire virtual assistants to perform common and repetitive but essential tasks. By doing so, they can save time and focus more on other factors to further grow the company.

Is there an age limit for virtual assistants?

Age does not matter when applying for a virtual assistant job. As long as you are of legal age, you can work as a virtual assistant.

Apart from age, clients focus more on your skills, discipline and work ethic, communication skills, and willingness to learn and ask for help. These factors emphasize that being tech-savvy is not enough in becoming a good virtual assistant.

As mentioned earlier, clients also look at your education, training, and certifications. Examples of the certifications that you can earn are Certified Virtual Assistant, Microsoft Office Specialist, Google Ads Certification, and Language Certification.

How much does a virtual assistant make?

In the US, the average base salary of virtual assistants is $24.42 per hour, making it $73,555 per year. For basic jobs, the salary range is $8 to $12 per hour.

Since virtual assistance is remote work, you can also apply to more expensive cities or countries, which may increase your salary range. In the US, the top five highest-paying cities for virtual assistants are San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, and Tanaina.  

You can increase your income and earning potential by accommodating more clients, building a stable clientele, and specializing in services.  

Foodpanda has been operating in the Philippines since June 2014 and is still a top choice for restaurants and small food businesses to reach more customers.

Whether you are a food business owner having a physical location or not, this is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to promote your business. You can download their mobile application through Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Apple App Store

So how do you become a Foodpanda merchant and be able to deliver food to your customers in various locations?

In this article, we will show you the requirements to submit and the steps of Foodpanda merchant registration.

Foodpanda Merchant Requirements

These are the initial documents you need to present if you want to be a Foodpanda merchant

  • ID Card
  • Menu
  • Business License
  • Bank Account Statements

Once you officially start filling out the application form, these are the details that you will need to provide: 

Business Details Legal and Tax DetailsBank DetailsPackage
Business name

Tax Number

Bank Name

Android device or
avail of a Panda device
Business TypeLegal Company NameAccount NamePlatinum, Gold, or Basic Plan
CuisineTrade Name in BIRAccount Number
Number of BranchesWithholding Tax
Business and Mobile Phone Number

Sample Merchant Requirements

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How to Apply as a Foodpanda Merchant?

You can begin your application when you have all the necessary information and documents. All required documents should be scanned in JPG or PDF because you need to upload them. 

These are the steps to follow to become a Foodpanda merchant:

  1. Fill out their application form
  2. After completing the application form, you will receive an email containing the contract.
  3. Download and sign the contract and upload your BIR 2303 or Certificate of Registration and Proof of Banking. 
  4. Wait for the final approval from Foodpanda so you can create your merchant profile.
  5. Activate your profile and start selling.

Foodpanda does not give an estimated time for application approval, but it is safe to say that your application can get approved faster if you submit all the required documents.

Who can apply as Foodpanda Merchant?

To become a Foodpanda merchant, you must be of legal age and you must have a DTI registered business name and Certificate of Registration issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Other than these document requirements, your restaurant or shop must also be in the areas where Foodpanda is operating.

Foodpanda Serviceable Areas

Foodpanda services Quezon City, Metro Manila, Caloocan City, Taguig, Pasig, Las Pinas, Makati, and Antipolo. Here is the full list of areas where Foodpanda delivers food and more in the Philippines.

Foodpanda Merchant Fees

The Foodpanda commission rate for every order ranges from 25% to 30%. They also charge a 2% gateway fee for payments made via mobile payment applications. Additionally, phone calls made by customers through the Foodpanda app are also charged to the restaurant.

Why Become a Foodpanda Merchant?

Foodpanda has more than 1 million users in the Philippines alone, and this will give your brand a wider reach to customers within your location. Your access to its platform, marketing channel, delivery riders, and analytics will help you evaluate your business health and market performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage does Foodpanda take?

Foodpanda charges 25% to 30% commission per transaction.

Does Foodpanda have a markup?

No. Foodpanda does not have a markup. They collect 25% to 30% per transaction.

Does Foodpanda deliver at night?

Foodpanda delivery is available for 24 hours is some locations. Aside from the shops selling snacks, meals, and beverages, there is a 24-hour grocery delivery under the Pandamart section.

Do we need to hire our own riders?

No. You do not need to hire your own delivery riders. Foodpanda will handle the hiring of delivery riders. All you need to do is prepare the food or products for pickup. 

Does Foodpanda have a merchant app?

Yes, they do. You can choose whether you will use a personal device or get a Foodpanda tablet to process orders and track your business performance.

How to cancel Foodpanda merchant?

You can cancel your account by sending an email to Customer Service requesting account deletion. But this is only possible if all dues have been settled.

Can I stop receiving orders at any time?

Yes, using the Foodpanda tablet, you can notify customers that you are pausing orders for a specific time. You can also alert customers that your store is busy, and they may need to wait longer than usual.

How far does Foodpanda deliver?

In 2021, they released the Extra Mile Delivery feature which extended the delivery radius from a customer’s home address by three to eight kilometers.

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For those exploring the idea or considering a switch in careers, the biggest question is always “is it worth it?”. In this article we walk you through the different duties and responsibilities of a financial advisor, and what’s in it for you. Let’s start with the biggest question, how much does a financial advisor make in the Philippines?

Financial Advisor’s Salary:

Being a financial advisor in the Philippines can pay really well with the benefit of having flexible hours as a wonderful perk of the business. Depending on the company they are associated with, a financial advisor’s income may or may not have a provided allowance. But they all definitely enjoy uncapped earnings from commissions. Life and health insurance plans have commission rates that can range from 20% to 60%. A common goal of a financial advisor is to earn P1,200,000 in a year to qualify for the prestigious title of being part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). In 2015 the Philippines had the most number of MDRT financial advisors in South East Asia according to the Insurance Commissioner, Atty. Dennis B Funa.

On average a financial advisor earns P350,000 and can go all the way up from there. A financial advisor is actually one of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines. That being said, there is nothing such as easy money, being a financial advisor is still a job with responsibilities to carry out. But it’s not as hard as you think. 

Financial Advisor Job Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Prospecting potential clients

Being a financial advisor will involve reaching out to contacts and networking. A large part of this job involves selling and is the ultimate way to earn a commission. If this is new territory for you, no need to worry because training is always provided. Knowing who to approach, what to say, and when to introduce your services will eventually come naturally. 

2. Understanding a client’s financial goals

This discussion with clients will bring about confidential information on clients earnings and personal details about spending habits (good and bad). It is important to let the client know that you can be trusted and professional throughout the discussion. The financial advisor advocacy comes in with educating clients on the proper way to save and allocate investments to prepare for future events; both seen and unforeseen. This discussion with them will include breaking down their spending and ensuring that a portion is set aside for goals they have set for themselves.

3. Matching your products to what will best suit the client’s needs.

With giving expert advice, product knowledge will be vital to achieving the best outcome for a client’s set goals. Understanding what each product has to offer at a minimum and its potential outcome will be very important.

4. Make certain that the client understands how a product works. 

It is the responsibility of the financial advisor to educate the client on the risks and benefits involved in purchasing a specific plan. Each product type has a payment time frame that a client must commit to for his own benefit, and for the financial advisor to be able to receive his commissions also.

5. Monitoring accounts and administrative tasks.

Keeping track of client accounts and making recommendations if there is a shift in goals is part of the continued service you provide a client. There will be some forms that need to be updated in those instances, which can be done in person, online, or via courier. 

6. After-sales service and assistance if and when needed.

Similar to the previous item, there will be some after-sales service that will be provided. Switching payment methods, changing beneficiaries, or updating signatures are simple transactions you will need to carry out. On rare occasions, assisting in collecting insured amounts when an unexpected death or illness happens would be the most crucial of all.

Financial Advisory Career Outlook:

As with any new career or business, there will be challenges at the get-go. But a slow start or a fully charged beginning does not dictate the success that will be achieved in this career. By using techniques taught during training and continuous application, those who have grit will succeed. This pandemic has reminded people of the fragility of life and the importance of preparing for the unexpected. The insurance industry is almost 200 years old in the Philippines, proving that it’s here to stay and support the Filipino people through its financial advisors.

The food industry is a luxurious industry but surviving the competition remains one of the biggest challenges of business owners. If you own a food business, you need to reach as many customers as possible in order to survive the competition. In order to do this, you need to know how to promote a food business effectively. In this article, we are going to discuss, how GrabFood merchant works, its benefits, registration process, requirements, and some frequently asked questions.

What is a GrabFood merchant and how does it work?

GrabFood merchant provides restaurants, cloud kitchens, and eateries with an integrated, self-serve platform where they can monitor and analyze sales, customer data, and marketing performance. Grab simplifies daily food business operations by offering a mobile app. Downloadable on Google Play and the Apple App Store, the GrabMerchant app allows you to manage your entire business from a single platform. You can interact directly with customers, receive orders, and oversee all aspects of your online restaurant with ease.

Why be a GrabFood Merchant?

Ever since the pandemic happened businesses had to find ways to adapt to the rapid changes, especially the restrictions imposed on physical interactions. Many food businesses switched to home-based set-ups and partnered with delivery companies so they could continue providing to their customers.

To this day, GrabFood remains the primary choice among businesses in bringing their food and drinks to people living in different locations. Here are some benefits of partnering with Grab as a GrabFood Merchant:

  1. Increase your revenue as you reach more customers using the Grab app
  2. Instantly gain store visibility on the Grab app which has millions of users
  3. Get free advertising from Grab’s marketing campaigns using email, SMS, Grab’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, etc.
  4. Special deals and promos activated by Grab without extra cost on your part
  5. Get customer feedback that you can use to improve your products and service
  6. Have access to food delivery services without the need to hire delivery riders
  7. Access to financial assistance that can help you expand your business and improve your operations
  8. Manage orders, payments, and more in a single app

Who can apply as a GrabFood Merchant?

The establishments qualified to apply as GrabFood merchants are business entities, whether they are registered corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietors, that offer food and beverages intended for immediate consumption.

Requirements for GrabFood Application

Only those with business permits and BIR registration are allowed to be food sellers on the Grab app. Without these documents, Grab will not allow you to be included in their platform. Here is the complete list of application requirements that you need to submit when you apply as a GrabFood merchant.

  1. Certificate of Registration (BIR 2303, SEC or DTI Certificate) 
  2. Article of Incorporation/Partnership or General Information Sheet (GIS)
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  4. Valid Photo ID of Authorized Representative 
  5. Proof of Bank Account
  6. GrabFood Contract 
  7. GrabFood Menu 
  8. Hero shot or menu photos

Please note that an additional Letter of Authorization is required under the following circumstances:

  • The authorized representative differs from the owner or cannot be located in AOI/GIS.
  • The bank account owner does not match the authorized representative.

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GrabFood Merchant Application Process

Applying as a merchant is easy as long as you have the complete requirements already. Remember, only those with complete requirements will be allowed on the Grab platform. Take note that the Grab Partner Center is not accepting walk-in applicants at the moment. All Grab merchant applications now must be done online.

Here are the steps of the online application:

  1. Sign up to be a merchant partner through this link
  2. After signing up, you will receive an email containing the registration instructions.
  3. Submit the complete details required in the email.
  4. Wait for the contract to be sent to you. 
  5. Sign the contract with Grab.
  6. Verify your details.
  7. Final application approval.
  8. After the final approval, you will be an official GrabFood merchant partner.

GrabFood Merchant Fees

Grab collects a 115% to 30% commission for every transaction. This means that you will not spend anything if you didn’t earn from it. This makes Grab a risk-free marketing strategy and is one of the many reasons why we recommend this strategy in promoting your food business.

GrabFood vs GrabMart: What is a GrabMart merchant?

GrabMart merchants are usually grocery, convenience stores, or retail stores selling grocery items such as frozen goods, dairy products, pantry supplies, medicines, personal and home care products, office and school supplies, and more. Customers can order their daily needs from GrabMart merchants and have them delivered to their location within 30 minutes. 

On the other hand, GrabFood merchants are restaurants or businesses that sell food and beverages for immediate consumption. 

How to apply as GrabMart merchant

Follow the GrabFood merchant application process to be a GrabMart merchant. However, there is an additional requirement . If you are selling tobacco, vape, and alcohol, you also have to submit a DTI License to Operate.

Contact Information and Office Address

If you have other inquiries, this is their office address:

Level 27F/28F Exquadra Tower, Lot 1A Exchange Road corner Jade Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be on GrabFood?

Grab charges their merchants an average of 15%-30% commission per order.

Can I be a GrabFood merchant partner if I don’t have a physical store?

Yes. Grab does not require a physical store as long as you can comply with all the documentary requirements.

The country has not seen normality in the past 2 years since the pandemic happened, it might as well be assumed that many of these changes are here to stay in the next three to five years. Though this new way of living seems permanent and as if life has come to a standstill, it does not mean that all jobs and every industry has suffered equally.  Even more so, it also does not mean your career progression or decision to shift career has to come to a full stop. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines. We will also consider the length of time for study, working hours, job description, and of course, the salary. As part of common advice, besides following the money, also consider where your interests lie. A progression in any career will depend on the depth of your knowledge and experience, which factors in the time you spend developing and practicing your new skills.

#1 Doctors/Surgeons

Doctor’s Job Description: Anywhere in the world, especially today, the medical field has increased its demand for these practitioners. There is a large variety of specializations that determines the years spent studying, which also equates to the amount earned later on. Providing continued care for patients, performing surgeries, organizing preventive medical programs, and referring patients to specialized medical care provided by the hospital.

How to Become a Doctor: Minimum three years for a pre-med bachelor’s degree and then four years for an M.D. course. After these seven years, about a year is taken to prepare for the board exam.

Doctor’s Working Hours: Average of 40- 60 hours a week

Doctor’s Salary: 1,200,000 – 1,260,000 per year

#2 C-level Executive

CEO or COO Job Description: Also known as a C-suite executive, these individuals take the highest positions in a company, particularly the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other examples of C-level positions are Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Financial Officers. The most power and influence are held by these people who direct company strategy, make high-stakes decisions, and oversee the day-to-day operations are all in line with company goals and objectives.

How to Become a C-level Executive: About 41% of C-level executives have a masters degree over their bachelors degree. This would be equivalent to an average of 6 years of study in total.

Executive’s Working Hours: Though there are no studies based for the Philippines, 9.7 hours per week according to a global study done by Harvard Business Review

C-level Executive Salary: 1,100,000- 1,160,000 yearly

#3 Lawyer

Lawyer’s Job Description: A lawyer’s interests lie in upholding the law and protecting their client’s rights. This involves a lot of research to gather evidence, approvals, and documentation, plus giving legal advice. A lawyer’s role also covers reviewing and managing estates, wills, trusts, contracts, and deeds. Another one of their responsibilities is managing processes for regulatory and compliance-related services. These are only some of the tasks that cover a lawyer’s job description and their focus will depend on the specialization they have chosen. Here are the areas they can specialize in: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Family Law, and Environmental Law.

How to Become a Lawyer: Four years for an undergraduate degree, then another four years for a law degree. After these have been completed, there is a bar exam to pass. This would total eight years in school and an average of three to six months to review for the bar.

Lawyer’s Working Hours: Lawyers in larger firms work longer than 40 hours a week, this is also seen in data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US. It is estimated that the average working hours of a lawyer is 49.6 hours a week and possibly longer for larger firms.

Lawyer’s Salary: 900,000- 987,000 yearly

#4 Bank Manager

Bank Manager’s Job Description: Being in the manager position, this role oversees day-to-day operations with special attention to promoting and marketing the bank’s products and services to increase performance. This role also entails dealing with customers and addressing complaints, supervising approval of loans, preparing financial statements, preparation of budgets, and forecasts according to fiscal needs.

How to Become a Bank Manager: A bachelor’s degree, typically a course in business, economics, finance, management, or marketing, is the minimum requirement for this position. There is a small percentage of 13% that have a master’s degree for the role.

Bank Manager’s Working Hours: Bank open hours are usually from 9 am-5 pm and may have some weekend operations too. 

Bank Manager’s Salary: 971,000 yearly on average

#5 Art Director

Art Director’s Job description: An art director’s job description involves directing and coordinating projects from start to completion. He formulates design concepts and chooses elements, locations, or materials depending on the need of the client/company. At the end of each project the art director has to sign off and give his approval to the designers he manages before this is used on different types of media. An art director exhibits his mastery of different skills such as typography, image manipulation, animation, or illustration and mixes this with his knowledge of marketing design.

How to Become an Art Director: A bachelor’s degree is enough for this role but a portfolio proving creativity and experience will be required.

Art Director’s Working Hours: This is dependent on the industry that can vary from the usual 9 am-5 pm to very long working hours in large advertising agencies.

Art Director’s Salary: 831,432 yearly on average

Tip: You can become a home-based art director by becoming a virtual assistant. In this guide, you can learn how to become a VA (virtual assistant).

#6 Geologist

Geologist’s Job description: A Geologist provides support to engineering design and field programs through geologic/ geotechnical services they provide. This includes creating plans and managing geotechnical exploration programs. Depending on the project, it may involve assigning laboratory testing, soil and water sampling, studying geotechnical fields as well as soil and rock logging, etc. A geologist can create many different types of maps that can be applied for different uses, some of these maps can even predict volcano, earthquake, and landslide hazards.

How to Become a Geologist: A four-year course in BS Geology is required for this role and then a geologist licensure exam under the PRC needs to be passed. The three universities that offer BS Geology are Adamson University, Mapua Institute of Technology, and UP Diliman.

Geologist’s Working Hours: Normal office hours are still 9 am-5 pm but there is a lot of fieldwork involved that could make it longer or irregular at times.

Geologist’s Salary: 778,668 yearly on average

#7 Pilot

Pilot’s Job description: A pilot’s role is mainly to transport people, mail, and also freight for commercial purposes. Other responsibilities include checking documentation to determine safety and readiness before flight; factors such as weight/load, fuel supply, weather conditions, route, and schedule are all to be considered. If there is anything amiss they can order for changes, replenishment, or reduction, wherever they see appropriate before liftoff. As part of preparation before starting the engines, a pilot must also read gauges on oil supply, hydraulic fluid, cabin pressure, and others.

How to Become a Pilot: A college degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a pilot, though about 47% of pilots have a bachelor’s degree and 19% have a master’s degree. This is because major airlines have made it a requirement that their pilots are college graduates. A primary requirement to fly is passing the Private Pilot License exam and then earning the Commercial Pilot License after if you want to be paid to fly.

Pilot’s Working Hours: Needless to say, you should expect irregular working hours for this job. Schedules will be dependent on flight times whether it may be in the middle of the day, late nights, or early hours in the morning. And flight lengths will give you 3-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts depending on the route and the company.

Pilot’s Salary: 693,468 yearly

#8 Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer’s Job description: A computer programmer will normally know more than one programming language, and he will be referred to according to the language he will be using such as java programmer or according to the function he will perform such as web programmer, database programmer, etc. His skill is in the writing, modifying, debugging, and testing of computer codes for different types of software. After he has set up and tested the software it is also up to him to maintain and update it.

How to Become a Computer Programmer: A 4-year bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar course that has significant computer programming content.

Computer Programmer’s Working Hours: Typically they will be working 40 hours a week and 50 hours a week for some. Depending on the company they may be working alone or with a team, and may need to travel to client offices to provide training and support.

Computer Programmer’s Salary: 522,876 yearly

#9 Financial Advisor/Financial Broker

Financial Advisor’s Job description: A financial broker is a go-to person if you want to sell or buy financial or non-financial products. These individuals manage the portfolio of individuals or clients with the objective of higher income or growth. They may be involved in different dealings such as real estate, investments, and insurance. As an advisor, they forge relationships, act as a liaison between different groups/individuals, and perform administrative tasks.

You can read the full job description of financial advisors here.

How to Become a Financial Advisor: Anyone can be a financial advisor/broker, but you would have an advantage if you had a background in finance, only because a good understanding of the market and how it works is important. That being said, there is no pre-requisite course needed because training will be provided by the company plus a guiding manager will be assigned to you. The training period would be three to six months depending on the company.

Financial Advisor’s Working hours: Depending on the arrangement this may be a full-time 8-hour job or part-time with flexible hours.

Financial Advisor’s Salary: 350,000

#10 Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer’s Job description: Engineering duties are performed by a Civil Engineer which covers creating plans and designs, plus overseeing the construction and maintenance of buildings. The scope of their work also allows them to do the same for roads, airports, bridges, dams, power plants, waste disposal, and other infrastructures.

How to Become a Civil Engineer: Five-year course in BS Civil Engineering then a test under the PRC to get a license to practice.

Civil Engineer’s Working Hours: A 9 am-5 pm full-time job would be the norm for a civil engineer. But once they are involved in directing projects, longer hours will be needed than just the regular 8-hour shift.

Civil Engineer’s Salary: 256,815 yearly on average


In the fast-paced culinary world of 2024, small food businesses are carving out their niche with innovative and impactful marketing strategies. Running a food business can be complicated, but with the right approach, even the smallest establishments can attract a loyal customer base and thrive.

This guide shares the best marketing strategies for small food businesses, offering fresh insights and practical tips to help your venture stand out and succeed in the ever-evolving market. Whether you’re a cozy cafe, a trendy food truck, or a home-based bakery, in this blog, you’ll discover how to effectively promote your brand.

Food Business Strategy Ideas – A Quick List

Here’s a list of food business strategy ideas that offer practical and innovative approaches to help you attract and retain customers, enhance your brand presence, and boost your sales.

  1. Social Media Posts
  2. Google My Business Profile
  3. Using Online Food Delivery Platforms
  4. Website
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Having a Unique Selling Point
  7. Effective Packaging & Branding
  8. Engaging in Online Food Communities
  9. Using Food Influencers
  10. Running a Loyalty Program
  11. User-Generated Content
  12. Joining Local Events

12 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Food Businesses in 2024

These 12 best strategies will help your business attract and keep customers in a competitive market.

 1. Social Media Posts

Leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is crucial for reaching and engaging a wide audience. Regular posts featuring high-quality images, stories, reels, and live streams can showcase your offerings and build a strong online community. Use targeted ads to reach local customers and drive more traffic to your business.

2. Google My Business Profile

Optimizing your Google My Business profile enhances your visibility in local search results and Google Maps. Ensure your profile has accurate information, high-quality photos, and customer reviews. Above all, keep your NAP (name, address, & phone number) correct and consistent in all your online profiles. Your NAP on your Google My Business Profile should be the same as what’s on your website and social media accounts.

3. Using Online Food Delivery Platforms

Partnering with popular food delivery platforms like GrabFood, FoodPanda, JoyRide, or Angkas can significantly expand your reach. These platforms provide access to a large customer base seeking convenient meal options. Keep your menu updated, ensure competitive pricing, and optimize delivery times for a seamless customer experience.

4. Website

A professional and user-friendly website is essential for establishing an online presence. Your website should include key information such as the menu, contact details, location, and operating hours. Integrate an online ordering system to facilitate takeout and delivery. Adding a blog can improve your SEO and engage visitors with relevant content.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for customer retention. Build an email list by offering sign-up incentives, such as discounts or freebies. Send regular newsletters with updates on new menu items, special offers, and events. Personalize emails to enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

6. Having a Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point (USP) differentiates your business from competitors. Identify what makes your food business special—a signature dish, unique ingredient, exceptional service, or a distinctive dining experience. Highlight your USP in all marketing materials to attract customers seeking something specific and memorable.

7. Effective Packaging & Branding

Invest in high-quality, eco-friendly packaging that reflects your brand’s values and aesthetics. Consistent and attractive branding across all touchpoints, from your logo and menu to social media and packaging, helps create a cohesive and recognizable identity.

8. Engaging in Online Food Communities

Participate in online food communities and forums like Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, and Tripadvisor forums. These spaces help build relationships with potential customers and gain insights into trends and preferences. Share your expertise, answer questions, and subtly promote your business to build credibility and attract new customers.

9. Using Food Influencers

Collaborating with food influencers can amplify your reach and credibility. Identify local influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and invite them to try your food in exchange for a review or feature. Influencer partnerships can generate buzz, increase your social media following, and drive more customers to your business.

10. Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program can encourage repeat orders. Offer rewards such as discounts, free items, or exclusive offers to regular customers. Digital loyalty programs, which track customer activity and personalize rewards, are particularly effective in 2024 for fostering long-term relationships.

11. User-Generated Content

Encourage customers to create and share content featuring your food. User-generated content (UGC), such as photos, reviews, and social media posts, serves as authentic endorsements and increases your business’s visibility. Create hashtag contests to motivate customers to share their experiences and feature the best content on your social media channels.

12. Joining Local Events

Participating in local events, such as food festivals, farmers markets, and community gatherings, helps you connect with your community and attract new customers. These events allow you to showcase your food, interact with potential customers face-to-face, and build brand awareness. Collaborate with other local businesses and organizations to strengthen your presence and network within the community.

Final Thoughts

Integrating online and offline marketing strategies is essential for a comprehensive and effective marketing approach. While online marketing offers vast reach and precise targeting, offline methods provide tangible interactions and local engagement. Combining these strategies ensures broader audience coverage, reinforces brand messaging, and leverages the strengths of each medium. 

By blending digital convenience with physical presence, businesses can create more impactful campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and drive better results. This integration is crucial for adapting to evolving consumer behaviors and staying competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

A financial advisor is a very rewarding job but, it is also a job that requires lots of patience and hard work. Just like any other earning opportunity, you need to dedicate time and money to run this kind of business. The income is small at first, but as you grow your network, your income will also start to grow. The income potential in this career is endless! You can earn whatever amount you want, but you need to put in the right kind of effort to make it work.

Do you want to be a financial advisor? In this article, you will learn what a financial advisor does and the steps required to become a financial advisor.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

In a nutshell, a financial advisor guides clients in managing finances wisely. The term “financial advisor” is too broad and doesn’t fully explain the scope of work. 

A financial advisor possesses various skills that allow them to provide various kinds of financial planning. From planning wealth-building strategies to diversifying investment portfolio, they accompany you every step of the way.

Financial Advisor Job Description

A financial advisor has a wide scope of work, but here are their primary tasks they do:

  1. Create a prospect list or list of potential clients
  2. Discuss financial goals with clients 
  3. Explain the services that you offer and how they can benefit the client
  4. Recommend services that will help the client achieve their financial goals
  5. Ensure that the client understands the benefits and the risks involved in investing
  6. Help clients plan for basic needs such as health expenses, education, and retirement
  7. Monitor client’s accounts and be able to give recommendations as the need arises

Financial Advisor Salary

Being a financial advisor is listed to be one the highest paying jobs in the Philippines. However, there is no definite answer as to how much a financial advisor can earn because that depends on how many sales you can close in a month and whether you’re working full-time or part-time.

In a blog published by Aetos FPH Insurance Agency, founder Mark Fernandez stated that he started with a monthly income of 15,000 PHP to 20,000 PHP. As he continued to improve his skills, he eventually started earning up to 50,00 PHP a month including commissions. 

There are also three payment structures that advisors use to increase their earnings based on the type of work they do:

  1. Commission-based. This is based on the number and kind of financial products that they successfully sell. The commission ranges from 1% to 5%.
  2. Flat fee or hourly fee. Some advisors charge a flat rate that can be anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 PHP for a full range of their services. Their hourly fee generally starts from 3,000 to 10,000 pesos commensurate to their experience and credentials.
  3. Combination pay plan. This is a combination of the aforementioned types. Advisors will earn a commission from selling the products and a separate fee for their services.

Common Benefits of a Financial Advisor

  1. Huge income potential
  2. Balance between personal and professional life
  3. Flexibility to work at your preferred time and place
  4. Control over quality and quantity of clients
  5. Networking opportunities
  6. Travel incentives
  7. Free access to financial management and investing trainings

Financial Advisor Qualifications

These are the general qualifications needed for a Filipino citizen to become a financial advisor:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Should have taken and passed the training and exam of the insurance company they want to work for.
  3. Should pass the Insurance Commission’s exam. 

You are not required to graduate from any business or finance-related course to be a financial advisor. You will also be accepted if you do not have a college diploma. As for the skills, insurance companies hold regular trainings and seminars to help their agents learn the skills they need to effectively help their future clients.

Do you need to be a full-time financial advisor?

No. You can work part-time if you have another job that requires your full attention during weekdays. Most agents working part-time meet with their clients during weekends. The decision to transition to full-time depends on how you see yourself as a financial professional in the future and if you want to commit to improving your skills and expanding your client base.

Steps to Becoming a Financial Advisor

1. Choose an insurance company that you believe in.

The first step to becoming a financial advisor is to choose an insurance company that you believe in. You need to do your research so that you won’t join a company based only on your first impression. Find out what their products are and how their investment funds are performing. Find out how long they have been in the insurance business. You can also ask people you know who bought their products and ask them about their experience. By learning more and more about the company, you will be more confident in selling their products. In the Philippines, many reputable insurance companies can help you start your financial advising career. AXA, Sun Life, and PRU Life are among the top reputable insurance companies you can join in.

2. Contact a financial advisor from your selected insurance company.

Financial advisors are not limited to working with clients who want to buy insurance products. They also serve as resource persons for those who are interested to start a career in financial advising. To help you gain a better perspective, it is better to set up a meeting with a financial advisor. They can give you advice and help straighten out your expectations. They can also explain the pros and cons of this work and the risks and rewards of being a financial advisor.

Applying as a financial advisor is free. If you are interested to become a licensed financial advisor in the Philippines, you can fill up the application form below and receive calls within the next 72 hours from different companies.

Please indicate your mobile number in order to receive the application status
You must be at least 18 years to apply for this job.

3. Secure an agent’s training program from the company.

Many insurance companies give two kinds of training: insurance-focused (traditional) and financial products involving mutual funds and UITF (variable type). Both trainings can take up to a week to complete. After the training, you will take an exam where you will apply everything you have learned from the training.

4. Take the licensing exam given by the Insurance Commission

You need to take and pass the exam given by the Insurance Commission. Once you pass the exam, you can apply for licensing so that you will be issued an agent code. The expenses of the exam plus coding can cost up to 5,000 pesos or more.
You can check here the requirements for the insurance agent’s license application.

5. Submit your application requirements to the insurance company.

The financial advisor requirements vary for each company but here are the usual documents you need to prepare:

  • ID Pictures
  • NBI Clearance
  • Document Stamps
  • IC Exam Results
  • Licensing Application
  • Latest ITR
  • SSS
  • BIR ID or TIN card
  • Company ID or clearance from previous company.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a financial advisor in the Philippines is a journey that offers diverse opportunities and rewards. Aspiring advisors can embark on this path with minimal educational requirements and a commitment to learning and growth. 

With the guidance of reputable insurance companies and dedicated mentors, individuals can navigate the training process and licensing exams to establish themselves in this dynamic field. The flexibility of part-time or full-time engagement allows for a balance between personal and professional life, while the potential for significant income and networking opportunities adds allure to the profession. 

Ultimately, by embracing continuous learning, honing essential skills, and meeting regulatory requirements, individuals can carve out a fulfilling career as financial advisors, empowering clients to achieve their financial goals and secure their futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be a financial advisor without an accounting degree?

Yes. Insurance companies don’t require you to be an accounting graduate.

Do you need to be a college graduate to be a financial advisor in the Philippines?

No. The minimum education requirement is Grade 12. Also, what matters most is that you finish the company training and pass the licensure exam.

How long does it take to become a licensed financial advisor?

The road to becoming a licensed financial advisor starts once you attend company trainings for newbies. The training duration depends on the insurance company you choose. Some give self-paced trainings that can be completed in a week while others take around a month to finish.  After that, you have to start reviewing for the exam.

Overall, it can take around two to three months to become a licensed financial advisor.

How much is the financial advisor licensure exam?

The financial advisor licensure exam costs 1,010 pesos each while the licensing fee costs 1,545 pesos. The license is valid for three years.

toktok franchise is one of the top 5 investment opportunities that you can consider. toktok is a Filipino-developed application designed to facilitate safe, hassle-free deliveries and online ordering, eliminating the need for users to leave their homes. 

The name ‘toktok’ came from a blend of ‘tuktuk’, a type of transportation in Thailand, and the sound ‘toktok’, reminiscent of the knocking noise delivery drivers make when delivering goods. The primary purpose of toktok is to connect people by offering a convenient door-to-door delivery service.

This blog post will discuss how you can be a toktok franchise operator.

How to Be a toktok Operator

Franchisees who purchased the toktok online franchise package and registered with JC can apply to become a toktok franchise operator by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Be a toktok Operator
  3. Sign up on the toktok operator registration form and submit the required documents.
  4. Attend two operator orientations via Zoom at the following times: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  5. Use the following Zoom meeting ID and passcode:
    • Meeting ID: 931 2288 3066
    • Passcode: 665536
  6. For validation of account, ensure that your registered FULL NAME in the toktok application appears during the Zoom orientation
  7. After attending the two required Zoom trainings, wait for 24-72 hours for the approval and validation excluding Sundays and holidays.

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Benefits of Becoming a toktok Operator

  • No upgrade fees
  • No additional franchise fees
  • No extra capital investment
  • Partnership with SM and Robinsons Malls
  • Access to toktok’s delivery system, earning a 3% referral commission per booking
  • Own a toktok mall system and earn up to a 3.5% commission on all product sales
  • You can hire up to 100 riders, and earn a 7% commission per booking
  • Lifetime franchise with no renewal fees
  • One-time payment
  • Welcome gift of health and beauty products worth up to PHP 2,000
  • Basic online selling training is provided

I bought bitcoin (BTC) way back in 2015 when very few know about it here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I sold it too early. Back then, I do not know about Binance and I used to buy bitcoin. has very expensive fees so I decided to transfer to Binance. It was only this year that I started using Binance and I haven’t had any problems using it. If you want to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, this article will teach you to how to create a Binance account and how to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using it.

What is Binance?

From the words bitcoin and finance, Binance is an example of a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s one of the trending trading solutions, with it being accessible easily with a few taps from your smartphone. With more than 2000+ cryptocurrencies and 200+ crypto exchanges available, it can get intimidating for beginners and enthusiasts. But, you’ll be happy to know that Binance made trading easier and safer- addressing the common challenges its competitors have faced.

What is Binance’s Purpose?

A crypto trading platform that offers one of the most competitive rates around, it’s for beginner, pro, seasoned traders looking to trade crypto in the easiest and cheapest possible method.

Binance aims to:

  • Provide a better and reliable crypto trading architecture
  • Render better market liquidity
  • Give better customer service
  • Deliver internationalization and language support

Binance provides:

  • A crypto wallet for trading, where you can store electronic funds
  • Several supporting programs to help traders in making investment decisions
  • Low transaction fees, high market liquidity, and additional discounts for those who pay BNB cryptocurrency tokens
  • Safe fundraising and de-listing or withdrawal of cryptocurrencies
  • An option to raise funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs) for enthusiasts who want to launch their tokens

Binance supports:

  • Limit orders executed at the limit price set by the trader
  • Market orders did immediately at the best available market price
  • Stop limit orders that become valid orders only when the price reaches a specified level

Is Binance legit?

Binance may be a centralized exchange, but it’s reliable enough to handle the volume it has on its platform regularly, and there have been no reports of it or going down as of writing. It’s legitimate and safe through user account protection via Two Factor Authentication (2fa).

To give you more peace of mind, you can also apply and open a corporate account to trade or use Binance exchange under a legal entity (Corporation, LLP, Pvt. limited).

How to Create A Binance Account?

The beginning of your journey with cryptocurrency exchange begins with creating an account in Binance. Now that you know what Binance is and what it stands for, you might be thinking about how you can start navigating the crypto trading platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create your Binance account.

  1. Go to the website.

This is a no-brainer. The first thing you should do is to go on Binance’s website. However, do be wary of the site you are going to. Make sure to check the website URL to see if you are indeed on the Binance page.

The reason for this is because there have been instances wherein phishing sites mirror the original website. Just check the URL and inspect the security certificate. To be even safer, type the web address directly yourself and bookmark it for future use.

  1. Register and go through the process.

Once you are on the home page, look for the “register” button on the upper right-hand corner. You have two options for signing up: using email or mobile. Fill in the necessary information, which is the email or mobile number and password. It is recommended that you use a strong password for maximum security.

There is a referral ID box that you can type into if you have one. This part is optional. Once you have provided all the needed information, you have to check that you have read and agree to Binance’s Terms of Service.

Once you’re done, click create an account! Before you can proceed, there will be a security verification puzzle for you to accomplish. Afterward, an account verification code will be sent to your email or mobile number, depending on what you chose. Ensure you have received the confirmation email because the code will expire in 30 minutes.

Binance will also provide some security tips in the email, so be sure to check that out!

  1. Set-up your account

Once you sign up, immediately enable the Google Two Factor Authentication. This will increase the security of your account. Binance also offers other features to heighten your security. You will need to do this before you can perform any type of transaction within the website.

  1. Enable Google Two Factor Authentication

First, download the Google Authenticator app on your phone. Then, you will be given a QR code to scan with the app. You will also be given a Key that will allow you to recover your app in the event of phone loss. It is essential for you to save this in a safe place because you will need this if you want to recover your Google Authenticator.

Input the verification code from your Google Authenticator in the necessary fields. You will receive two codes through your email and the app. Make sure to click “click to get code”; otherwise, an email won’t be sent to you.

You must input the codes immediately because these will expire.

Although, there is one more thing. Once you have an account, you will still need to verify some personal information. This is divided into three categories that have different benefits and fiat limits:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The requirements will vary accordingly, but this information will be asked of you: personal information, government ID, facial verification, proof of address.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Using Binance?

Once you already have a Binance account, you may opt to buy crypto using cash. You can do it in two ways. Either link your bank account or credit/debit card or directly buy from other users in Binance P2P. 

Out of all the options, linking your bank account or credit/debit card to Binance is the most convenient way of obtaining Bitcoin. Through this, you purchase crypto with a minimum amount of $15. Kindly take note that it may vary depending on the currency that you use. 

If you prefer not to link any of your bank accounts, you may buy cryptocurrency from your fellow users through Binance P2P. Just browse through crypto listings and select what to purchase. Since hundreds of merchants and payment gateways are available, following this option is also effective. 

In case the options mentioned are not at your disposal, buy crypto through third-party payment methods. Just make sure to check if the local currency you are using is correct. You can also use the Convert and OTC portal. It allows users to purchase crypto at a much cheaper rate. 

Binance is accessible in many regions. You have various options on where to buy crypto. You may check out any of the following: 

How to Deposit Funds to your Binance Account

In the Philippines, there are 3 ways to deposit funds in your Binance account

  1. Deposit using Debit/Credit card
  2. Deposit using P2P (peer to peer)
  3. Deposit using

How to Deposit Funds using Debit Card or Credit card

Binance charges a 2% deposit fees for whatever cryptocurrency you’ll buy from them. The 2% will be deducted from the total amount of cryptocurrency that you will buy. For example, if you will buy 1 bitcoin, you will receive 0.98 bitcoin after the 2% fee has been deducted. It is very easy to buy deposit funds to your Binance account. Simply follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Log in to your account
Step 2: Click Credit/Debit Card
Step 3: Choose a cryptocurrency that you want to buy
Step 4: Enter the amount you want to buy.
Step 5: Enter your card details
Step 6: Click the “Confirm Order” button to proceed.

Is Binance Worth it?

Considering its low fees, a fast and reliable exchange, and a stable platform, there’s a lot to love. Even just a few months of being in business, Binance has proved to be a success so far. Binance knows their business, considering that it offers worldwide service away from the Chinese government, which is already a huge feat. For some, limited fiat support may be a bit frustrating, but Binance is reportedly adding more options, with EUR and GBP trading pairs already added. Binance’s website supports 15 languages, and its cross-platform trading works on PCs, Android, and iOS devices. Binance is one of the fastest exchanges available, as it can handle 1,400,000 orders/second. Considering its age, Binance is constantly improving and evolving, so you don’t have to worry. Having said all of this, I personally recommend Binance for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Philippines.

If you’re into finance, the stock market, or e-commerce, then chances are you’ve probably heard of bitcoin. It has captured the attention of all kinds of people, from investors, economists, financial experts to celebrities, influencers, and huge companies. Famous bitcoin investors include Elon Musk and Paul Tudor Jones. Bitcoin has indeed taken the world by storm. Almost everyone is talking about it, especially after a significant boom in the year 2020. However, Bitcoin came into the mainstream spotlight way back in 2017 because of the bitcoin bubble. It has made headlines all around the world and created quite the fuss. The bitcoin price had significantly risen once more in 2020, and you might have heard your friends talking about it. Do you want to find out more things about bitcoin? Keep reading if you wish to find out what bitcoin is, if it’s a good investment, why people buy it, and how you can buy it.

Disclaimer: This article should be treated as purely informational content and not as financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor and study your investment decisions carefully before deciding to invest.

What Is Bitcoin?

In the year 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Little did we know that the software will change how we look at money and the e-commerce industry for years to come.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, a digital currency that operates without the need for a third party. If you have ever transacted online before, you know how the system typically works. Online payments are made possible through a trusted intermediary, such as the bank or government, who processes electronic payments. The traditional method uses a trust-based model.

On the other hand, bitcoin is entirely a digital money that uses cryptographic proof. Anyone can access every transaction made with bitcoin through a public ledger known as a blockchain. Blockchains are blocks of data in a digital chain. Each block contains information on every transaction made.

However, no one can see anyone’s identities here; only your wallet ID is, making it possible to sell or make purchases anonymously. This system also stops people from copying bitcoin, spending other people’s bitcoin, and reversing transactions. While you can use bitcoin to purchase items and avail services, you can also use bitcoin in trading.

Thanks to bitcoin’s decentralized nature, you don’t have to worry about third-party service charges or fees when making a transaction. That is why bitcoin offers lower processing fees than the traditional electronic payment system. It is deliberately designed that way – nobody owns it.

Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?

There is a growing number of people who are beginning to invest in bitcoin. I myself invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Financial experts like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad “author, Robert Kiyosaki believe that bitcoin can compete with gold, referring to bitcoin as digital gold. Like all investment ventures, bitcoin investment comes with a lot of risks and but the rewards are equally high.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", talks about why bitcoin will replace gold.
Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, talks about why bitcoin will replace gold.

Before investing in anything, you should understand the number one rule in investment: you must be willing to lose money. There is no guarantee in any endeavor, hence you must carefully evaluate the risks.

Whether bitcoin is a good investment or not depends on the perspective. When you’re looking at it in the long term, bitcoin is a good investment. From regular folk to big names, people all over the world are using and investing in bitcoin. Even huge companies like Starbucks and Tesla are now accepting cryptocurrency.

From a short-term point of view, the answer depends. Bitcoin is a good investment during a bull run when the trends are growing upwards. That means that prices are either rising or expected to rise, which means that your assets’ value increases even in a short period of time. On the other hand, it isn’t good to invest in bitcoin in a bear market. During this time, bitcoin value is decreasing over an extended period.

Why Do People Buy Bitcoin?

Quick and Easy Transactions

In dealing with business or financial transactions, you will need to pay fees for each transaction. Moreover, it requires documentation and paperwork. Through bitcoin, you can transact transparently.

Apart from that, bitcoin offers lower transaction fees compared to Paypal and international bank transfers. Usually, banks charge us higher because they require people to handle our transactions. But through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, transaction fees are relatively small because it is done digitally without the need for physical money transfer.

Effortless Asset Transfers

Through the blockchain system, you can quickly transfer the ownership of assets by disbursing the payment in bitcoin. The decentralization allows the users to transact safely. Here are some of the financial transaction benefits of bitcoin:

  • Tamper-proof registration
  • Extermination of intermediaries
  • Transparent transactions

Strong and Reliable Security

Bitcoin uses private keys to ensure the security of your money and identity. Through encryption and blockchain technology, Bitcoin guarantees that your digital coins are safe from hackers. Moreover, they ensure that your stored information is secured within the system.

Excellent Liquidity

Compared to other digital currencies, bitcoin offers greater liquidity. It enables you to keep possession of its inherent value upon crypto to fiat conversion. Conversely, other cryptocurrencies cannot be traded directly. As of the moment, you can use bitcoin in various shops and businesses. It means that as we use this currency in paying bills and dealing business, it becomes more liquid.

Independence from Political Influence

Bitcoin cannot be controlled by any state entity, which means it cannot be frozen or seized easily. Your money cannot be directly affected by the sudden change of government policies. Because bitcoin exists outside a political system, the digital currency works on its own. We have full control of the supply.


With its blockchain technology, it can manage the transaction records efficiently. Moreover, it only involves two parties in every transaction, which are the receiver and sender. This way, you don’t have to deal with an intermediary or a third party.

Digital Replacement of Gold and Barrier to Inflation

Each year, the value of money inflates, meaning the value it has now is not the same next year. Apart from that, it is the current replacement for gold. This is the reason why I myself invested in bitcoin to prevent my money from losing its value. If you are interested, please read my article about “6 Reasons Why I invested in Bitcoin”.

How to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines?

There are several places in the Philippines where you can buy bitcoin. Not only has the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas granted licenses to certain cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are also other platforms where you can buy digital currencies. Some of them are peer-to-peer marketplaces and bitcoin ATMs.


Binance is another popular cryptocurrency exchange here in the Philippines. Filipino Binance users can now buy and sell different cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BTC, BNB, and BUSD using local currency thanks via P2P (peer-to-peer) method. Using P2P, Filipinos can now buy directly from other users of Binance. Payments are usually done via bank transfers.

This platform also allows you to exchange cryptocurrency at a specified rate and with your preferred payment methods. Moreover, you also have the capability to transfer assets to a Binance wallet for free. Due to its zero transaction costs, more people recommend this platform for buying, selling, and trading. has a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that allows users to gain more access to different financial services. I personally recommend Binance due to its low transaction cost and ease of use.

If you have a credit card, you can easily purchase a digital currency. is a good place to start. Bitcoin cash and bitcoin core are also available for procurement. After clicking the buy button, you can simply enter the details required, including instructions linked via the “Need a Wallet?” option. With your email address, you can buy and sell bitcoins on this site using your credit card.

Another way to buy bitcoin in the Philippines is through It is the first cryptocurrency exchange to be authorised by the central bank, and is one of the fastest ways to purchase bitcoin in the Philippines. Since 2014, people have been buying bitcoin on this website. You can buy BCH, ETH, and XRP with the Philippine peso (PHP) without a bank account, credit card, or Paypal account, in addition to BTC.

Other platforms to buy, sell or trade:

  • Coinmama
  • eToro
  • Paybis
  • Coinage

Bitcoin is an efficient and effective way of transmitting money through digital platforms. They impose transparent rules and regulations within the system. More than ever, bitcoin is backed up with blockchain technology, making it a viable investment. Just make sure that you study the ins and outs of bitcoin to ensure that you are placing your money on the right platform.